Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

We possess award winning credentials, and have remodelled bathrooms, simple and luxury, both large and small in all types of homes. Our expertise is to provide custom bathroom renovations in South East Melbourne, with no two being alike, and can offer you the following:

  • The highest quality of tiles, vanities, and other materials available.
  • Long lasting fixtures and fittings, backed up by our guarantee of warranty.
  • The latest in bathtub and shower-head trends and composition.
  • Perfectly sized shower room, washroom and sauna.
  • Easy-to-use and spacious drawers, available in any type of arrangement that you want.
  • A full consultative process, from start to finish, and one where you’re never kept out of the loop.

So wait no more and give us a call on (03) 9544 0210. Our renovators will be more than happy to be with you from your first consultation until the end of the process.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Large or Small – Size doesn’t matter!

Whether you require a facelift for a large bathroom or for a small one, our team will be equally motivated to provide the best standards and quality that is required. Modern or traditional, no matter your wish is, we always work with top quality of workmanship possible for our customers. The complete process of renovating will be smooth and we always keep YOU first from the start to the end.

Planning your bathroom renovation

We divide our planning process into two phases, which allows us to have enough time to not only listen to what you want, but also work together to design your new luxury bathroom. Everything about your bathroom, from the type of tiles, to the layout of the space, is put on the table.Our renovators work towards creating your dream restoration. We’ll also explain, in detail, where we go from there, and give you time to further consider the layout. When we’ve finalised our plans, we’ll call you into one of our boutique showrooms in Clayton and Kew to further discuss your dream ensuite renovation. We make good use of very special 3D design software, which provides you with a virtual walkthrough of what your new bathroom will look like. Best of all, it can be edited in real time, allowing you to change aspects of the architecture as you see fit, and see the results before your very eyes.

Modern or Traditional?

Whether you’re looking for a modern or a more traditional facelift, our designers will be able to create that distinctive look that you’re after. We’ve got the materials to complement any type of bathroom layout, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to meet your exact desires. Our showrooms at Clayton and Kew are jam-packed with a luxurious variety of opulent styles, and we invite you to come and check them out for yourself.

Quality renovations, no matter what your budget is

We understand how important it is to not only maintain our quality but also offer affordable services. We are flexible enough to work with all types of budgets, offering you a chance to improve to the bathroom that you’ve always wanted. Whilst we aim to offer some of the most affordable upgrades, we don’t compromise on fine materials and fixtures. We can guarantee you nothing less than a quality service.


  • Creating clean lines and open space, ideal for small to medium-sized spaces.
  • Focusing on the aesthetics of the placement of the bath, shower, and vanity area.
  • Encouraging ease of movement throughout the bathroom area.
bathroom renovation
bathroom vanity


  • Creating a larger working area for better efficiency and visual aesthetics.
  • Stylish benchtop area, tailored to the overall design of the bathroom interior.
  • Practical and attractive basin, made from the highest quality of materials possible.
  • Sleek fixtures, as well as accessible and spacious drawers.


  • Wide range of tiles and mosaics to choose from, all from wellregarded suppliers.
  • Diverse fitting styles, easily tailored to the design of the overall bathroom.
  • Incredible range of colours and materials, including high gloss and matte.
bathroom black tiles
bathroom ergonomics


  • Properly proportioned height of and spacing between fixtures for easy use.
  • Well-positioned amenities and storage facilities, based on the height of users.
  • Touch-to-open drawers available, for improved accessibility.


  • Range of stylish splashback screens available, as well as a variety of materials.
  • Both modern and traditional splashback options to choose from.
  • Frameless and semi-frameless varieties; the choice is yours!
bathroom shower cabin

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To get a free quote for a bathroom or ensuite renovation, get in touch with us now! If you want to see what we have to offer, our showrooms can be found in Kew and Clayton, and we would love to show you in person what we can offer you.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Are you a licensed builder?

Yes we are and with that you are covered by Builder’s Warranty Insurance

How much would it cost to renovate my bathroom?

The cost can vary depending on your space and the design that you are looking for

How long will my bathroom be out of use?

Approximately 4 weeks, However it can vary depending on a lot of factors including size, materials selected etc. Our designers will be able to give a more precise time frame once we have a brief on your job.

Will there be any changes to the Agreed Contract Price at a later stage?

Not unless you alter the design that wasn’t discussed previously or unless we come across any unforeseen issues during the renovation.

Can I choose the tiles and other material of my choice?

Yes you can

Do you offer a design service to help with fittings and tile selections?

Our designers expertise in material and fitting selection and they can certainly guide your through the selection process in accordance with the design brief, budget etc.

Do you renovate bathrooms in apartments/units?

Yes we have done many different projects for different sized homes and spaces.

Do we need to be at home during the renovation?

No you don’t as long as we have access to your property. You can keep an eye on what is scheduled for that day via the Builder trend application that we provide you with access to as well as get progress reports including photos on a daily basis.

Do I get any benefit if I get my second bathroom also renovated from you?

Using the same renovation company will ensure the flow and look of the bathrooms are kept the same for continuity and aesthetics. We can also work out a better deal as trades will already be on site.

Do you provide a renovation plan before starting the project?

Yes we do, you will have a clear idea of what your project will look like and a time frame of the process of renovation. Infact, that is one thing we take pride in and our customers love how well managed the projects are.

Can I still use my toilet once you start?

There will be some time where the water will have to be turned off for plumbing purposes. We aim to keep this disruption as minimal as possible.

Do you have an appropriate insurance cover?

Yes we do. Being a registered builder you will be fully covered.
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