Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Why the Urban Appearance is Here to Stay

One of the more peculiar trends of recent years – yet equally as stunning – has been the conceptualisation of a heavily industrialised bathroom renovation. Escaping from the normal requirement for bathrooms to be warm, inviting, and relaxing, these industrial style bathrooms incorporate materials, such as wrought iron, weathered steel and clay bricks. These materials inject a distinct coolness into the atmosphere of the bathroom, the complete antithesis to what bathrooms are traditionally supposed to be.

So why is it so popular then? Simply put, mixed media and materials – when designed to work and flow off one another – look absolutely magnificent. This alternative approach to the bathroom has helped this important area of the home break away from the shackles of conventionality. In turn, this has created the notion that the bathroom should be a distinctive feature setting of the household.

The team at Damco Kitchens have come up with a few of the many great reasons on why we like the idea of the industrialised bathroom, providing inspiration for those that wish to go down this path. Damco Kitchens Melbourne is an award-winning, leading provider of striking and functional kitchen and bathroom renovations in Melbourne, having created stunning kitchen and bathroom areas for over hundreds of households across Victoria.


Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Combining the artificial coldness of bricks with the organic warmth of timber is a great way to create a distinctive feature area of the bathroom. More aimed towards reinvigorating the vanity section, this combination – when appropriately done – can inject your bathroom with an incredible array of stunning textural qualities.

Visible Fixtures and Pipes

Utilising the distinct shapes and lines of connecting pipes can offer your bathroom area an instant focal point. Many of these industrial-type renovations are using a floating basin – once looked down upon – providing the bathroom with a really gritty, urbanised feel.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

The Power of Steel

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Perhaps the material most reflecting tones of the industrialised and the urban, steel is increasingly being used in highly unique ways to create points of difference in the bathroom. A combination of polished, reflective and rough steel, in particular, can brighten the atmosphere thanks to their lighter tone, as well as make the area seem bigger than what it physically is.

We want to know what your opinions are on industrialised bathrooms; do you think that they are a great idea or not?