Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Give your Bathroom a New Look with an Old Themed Renovation

A great feature that Melbourne holds is the architectural triumphs of the older, Victorian era style homes that grace the streets of the inner city. Victorian era homes, or period homes as they are also known, possess intricate building details and a general sense of cosiness, due in part to the smaller size of these homes. These design elements help to create a very warm and inviting atmosphere when stepping in to one, and also help to convey rustic tones.

This more traditional approach has been rediscovered recently, with many home interiors now being reconfigured to accommodate these particular design elements. The same can be said of new bathroom renovations, with a big trend emerging for period-style bathroom redesigns. This more traditional approach to a bathroom renovation in melbourne has created some truly magnificent interiors, and below we’ve listed a few things to consider should this style of renovation be one you’re looking to undertake.


Country Style Kitchens

Many period cabinets were masterpieces of woodcraft, with etches, embossing and bevelling being incorporated into their design. With an improvement in the production of timber materials, these cabinets are surprisingly more available than ever before, and can add a majestic, warm feel to your bathroom.


Tiles have come back in vogue in the past year, with many older styles of tile decoration re-emerging. Chequered tiles were a common sight in these older bathrooms, and can look amazing when used to break up the monotony of a single paint colour. Penny tiles are also back in fashion, providing a more industrial edge, whilst still fitting in to more traditional settings.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne



Traditional period homes consisted of mostly a freestanding bath and a stand alone water basin, and these features have had their functionality redesigned to stay in touch with the modern era. Whilst still retaining their older charm, these features are as reliable as their more contemporary counterparts.

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