Timeless Design Ideas For Contemporary Kitchens in Melbourne

The kitchen is at the heart of any home. Whether you’re renovating a solo studio apartment or a family home, your kitchen sets the tone for the rest of your space. Therefore you should design your kitchen depending on the kind of atmosphere and ambience you want to have for your space.

However, with so many different layout styles, designs and Melbourne’s every growing bespoke kitchen renovation scene, it can be hard pinning down a general idea, let alone the exact kitchen arrangement of your dreams.

If you’re having trouble trying to decide on a layout, colour scheme or the kind of materials to include in your kitchen, check out these inspiring kitchen designs for Melbourne homes:

Wide, open spaces

The kitchen can be a very busy place. So if you’re running a fast-paced household and have the room for it, you should consider a cooking space that has plenty of room to move. Have all your kitchen benches along the walls and avoid a large kitchen island so there’s enough floor space for everyone from Mom and Dad to the kids to roam around in.

Antiquated and rustic

There’s more to kitchen designs than just the colour of the walls or the kind of appliances you install. The kind of textures and materials you have for your space also makes a major difference in the interior’s ambience. For a wholesome vintage feel, incorporate wooden, clay and organic materials throughout your kitchen. From wooden benchtops and cabinet doors to timber furniture with accents of gold and other metals, it all comes together to make your cooking area feel more homely and welcoming.

Modern, sleek and streamlined

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can get hard to find the time for a simple cup of tea, let alone set aside the time to cook meals day in and out. For those who are all about efficiency in the work and daily lives, a clean-cut streamlined kitchen layout will help keep you productive while still giving you the option to take a break and prepare your meals traditionally. The monochromatic and sophisticated design is easy to maintain and will always seem clutter free as its cupboards, drawers and even appliances can be neatly tucked away and out of sight.

There’s no harm in wanting to have one of the best kitchens in Melbourne. If you’re after a modern, bespoke design for your cooking space get in touch with one of our kitchen renovation specialists today. We can help bring your vision to life or guide you through your options to transform your kitchen. Call us now on (03) 9855 2310 to make an appointment with the Damco kitchen renovation team today.

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