Kitchen Design

Our Top 5 Luxurious Kitchen Trends

There’s always a thing or two to be said about how a beautiful kitchen evokes a sense of welcoming among your guests. It’s no wonder why plenty of our clients have come to us with a specific focus on wanting to improve their kitchen spaces, be it through installing a new kitchen bench or through fitting it out with new cupboards and cabinets. Regardless of which you think would suit your next kitchen remodelling best, no fleeting impulse of inspiration will top the expert recommendations that our team of interior stylists and remodelers will be able to provide you with.

When it comes to adding a touch of luxury to your kitchens, clever design can often impress far better than features that simply focus on aesthetic appearances. Beyond just keeping a simplistic, minimal appearance – there is much to be said about how clever design and storage will impress not just your guests, but your family members during your day-to-day settings too. Here’s a smattering of clever design ideas we’ve helped our clients with in the past. If anything jumps at you, be sure to check in with us for an obligation-free consultation to see what we can do for your next luxurious kitchen upgrade.

More than Just an Island Bench

Is there more you can fit into an island kitchen bench? We definitely believe so. That being said, we certainly aren’t just thinking about additional storage space when it comes to maximising the utility of your kitchen bench. Think about how you could be saving space by integrating an induction stove top into your kitchen bench. All that space saved, with an integrated area dedicated for food preparation and cooking!

Hidden Sink Storage Options

No one wants to see things lying around, and a clear and empty counter is always an attractive sight in any home. Consider how your sink areas can come with an integrated storage unit that pops out conveniently, and helps you hide away any unsightly influences like dish sponges and soap bottles.

Pop-Up Storage is Always In

Going back to the idea of integrating functions – you might want to consider how pop-up storage options can help you hide away cutlery and knives in a convenient and very cool way. If you’re willing to think outside the box, our kitchen remodelers are always willing to devise unique utilities that can help you keep your kitchen essentials neatly stowed away.

Built-in Pantries Where Space Allows

If it becomes a chore to have to continuously find storage for your bulk-bought ingredients, consider converting a section of your cabinet space into a built-in pantry cupboard. From a user-experience perspective, this can definitely provide a long-lasting benefit of not having to fish around your various cupboards, just to find out where you’ve left that jar of chutney.

Hanging Features to Free Up Counter Space

It may sound unorthodox – but this is entirely inspired by the idea of hanging spice racks and herb gardens. Depending on the amount of cooking and food preparation you expect to do in your kitchen, our team of remodelers can just as well help you dedicate a corner of your kitchen to a wall or ceiling mounted feature that saves you from having to stash everything away on your counters or in your bottom shelves.

DAMCO Kitchens – Providing You with Novel Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

If you’re considering a kitchen remodelling for your home, remember that it always pays to consult with experts in this business. Be it to renovate your existing storage options, or to install an integrated function into your kitchen island bench, our remodelers are always full of great, practical ideas. Give us a call on 03 9855 2310 to see just what we can do for you today.