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6 Creative Ways Decorate Your Kitchen With The 2018 Colour Of The Year

Welcome the new year with the powerful Ultra Violet Pantone Colour of the Year. Pantone has been renowned worldwide as the colour institute and since the 2000’s has been assigning each year with a distinct colour.

The very first Colour of the Year was Cerulean while last year was represented by Greenery. Each colour sets the tone for the year, whether it’s through fashion, exterior or interior design.

If you’re currently renovating your kitchen and want to stay on top of the colour trend here are 7 innovative ways to include Ultra Violet into your decor:

1. Empowering feature wall

Whether it’s for your living room, bedroom or bathroom, feature walls are a great way to captivate the attention of the guests in any room. In a kitchen, you can use a bold Ultra Violet wall for a creative focal point in your kitchen.

2. Balance out with two-tone

If purple alone is too daring for your current interior design, you can balance out the striking Ultra Violet colour with neutral colours like whites and greys for a dual palette. This way you can still have a captivating interior without having to go all out with the bright purple colour.

3. Bold Cabinets

Apart from sprucing up your whole kitchen with the bold colour, you can also bring attention to certain areas of your kitchen with the colour purple. For instance, your kitchen cabinets can be coloured, Ultra Violet. Contrast the purple cabinets with other, softer colours for an understated but eye-catching interior design.

4. Create a theme

Another way to introduce Ultra Violet into your kitchen decor is using it in a colour combination that gives your space a central theme. Dark hues of purple, black and grey make for a mysterious, gothic and rustic vibe, while deep purples with white create a dynamic, modern atmosphere. You can also create a theme by mixing Ultra Violet with different materials like wooden cabinets and benchtops or stainless steel appliances and handles.

5. Colour the furniture

Aside from the fixed areas in your kitchen, you can also colour the space with Ultra Violet by bringing in purple furniture. From purple chairs, tables and carts, Ultra Violet furniture is a subtle way to decorate your kitchen with the colour of the year.

6. Table tops

Kitchen table tops are an essential part of any kitchen. The material of the table top can limit the colours available. However, table tops like made of certain precious stone and laminate give the option to have a purple finish. A purple table top combined with a neutral background creates a striking juxtapose in the kitchen that will give your space a cutting edge look.

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