Simple Bathroom Renovation Ideas that give a luxurious facelift.

Renovation improves the comfort and functionality of your space. Remodeling a space also provides you an opportunity to make a style statement and make the finished work look better and more grand.

Below are simple bathroom renovation ideas which transform your private space into a luxurious sanctuary.

1. Choose the right light

Bathroom Light
Gorgeous lighting like task lamps, decent lights, sparkle and decorative lights transform the interiors of your bathroom. These forms of lights not only provide shadowless illumination suitable for make ups but appropriately light up space with overdoing it.

2. Go for monochromatic color scheme

Bathroom monochromatic color scheme
The most simple bathroom look luxurious by following the monochromatic scheme in the entire bathroom. Simple monochrome colour theme replicates the ambiance of a spa. If you are wary of experimenting, opt for light aqua blue which is relaxing and rejuvenating.

3. Opt for glass tiles which add arty style

Bathroom glass tiles which add arty style
Your bathroom walls are art spaces, invest in making it look luxurious. Installing an expensive glass tile backsplash does a job very well. If you are looking for budget options, tiles with colourful glass frames look luxurious too.

4. Invite the outdoors

Soaking in the luxury of outdoors while in your bath may not be possible in every location but if you are that lucky one, tap the opportunity. Incorporating the nature and outdoors never goes out of style and has a therapeutic effect in the bath after a long stressful day at work.

5. Use crown molded wallpapers

Wallpapers create an entirely customisable bathroom and work well in well-ventilated bathing spaces. The crown molded wallpapers are a great solution as they are adhesives which make them easy to apply and peel off.

6. Incorporate vibrant cabinets and shelves

Incorporate vibrant cabinets and shelves
For a quick style boost, incorporate vibrant colours in the bathroom storage areas. This works very well if the bathroom is the white or the same colour throughout. The secret to looking classy is to choose just one colour to set the tone and repeat it subtly throughout the bathroom.

7. Add a place to perch

Bathroom place to perch
Being able to sit down while combing your hair or applying makeup is a comfortable feeling. Consider adding a seat while undertaking the renovation work. Make room for an ornate chair, a wooden bench or an ottoman to give you that luxury.

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