Homeowners are getting more and more aware of safety when it comes to bathroom renovation or a new bathroom. Safety now is as important as ergonomics and need to be considered during the planning stage. Factors involved in bathroom accidents are:

  • Slippery surfaces
  • Protruding accessories
  • Failure or lack of grab rails
  • Poorly located taps and outlets
  • Poor storage of dangerous materials

Proper planning can minimize these accidents.

Hot Water Tempering
Hot water temperature needs to be monitored and controlled more closely in bathroom, ensuites, basin, and bath and shower outlet.

Plumbing regulations require that heated water is to be stored at a minimum temperature of 60◦ C to inhibit the growth of Legionella bacteria. Delivered heated water is not to exceed 45◦ C for younh, aged sick or people with disabilities and is not to exceed 50◦ C in all other circumstances.

There are several types of devices including thermostatic mixing and tempering valves which can be installed in various locations with the same end effect.

Flooring Finishes
Bathroom flooring needs to get an extra consideration as it could be slippery when wet. Flooring needs to be durable, water-resistant, easy to clean, and most importantly safe.


Tiles can become slippery when wet. If an abrasive grit is added to the glaze during manufacturing, the tile will be more slip-resistant but also very hard to clean. There is no requirement of slip-resistant tiles in bathroom but can be used if specified by consumer or local council.

Grab rails
The client should be consulted during the planning stage regarding the possible installation of grab rails at later stage e.g. placement of appropriate materials within wall cavities for fixing of grab rails at the required height. Grab rails are helpful for people of any age or mobility. Where garb rails are installed in a bathroom they should be:

  • Securely fixed to the wall
  • Of a rail diameter 30mm to 40mm for easy gripping
  • Have a slip-resistant finish. If the rail is part of the fixture of being positioned horizontally, a smooth surface is acceptable
  • Rated to withstand a 136kg static food
  • Free of sharp edges
  • Installed, where appropriate, at a minimum of 38mm from the wall to allow for knuckle clearance
  • Installed in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.
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