Springvale – Nov 2013

Unique or unusual
Rice pepper glass doors with Japanese style vinyl lining. There was not even a single company making anything like it and then we had to think through several different materials to decide which one will be the most appropriate and we choose vinyl stickers amongst painted aluminum or MDF, and it works pretty well.

Printed splash back with a continuous print on the glass doors. The print had to be custom designed by a graphic designer with an exact scale so that it could continue over to the glass doors.

Black and white color combination. The combination had to be very carefully used so that it looks just perfect.

Led strip lighting all around the kitchen. We used strip lights in the bench shadow lights, kickers etc.

Project challenges
Sourcing the rice pepper glass doors with the specific style on the surface, was a big challenge. We could not find anyone who can do it and knows someone who would have done, and finally we had to be creative and make it ourselves.

Graphics on the glass splash back was a bit of a challenge too, again it was custom made and we had to go back and forth few times to make it look like the way customer specified.

Following the foot prints was another interesting challenge, as we had to design something very different and functional but were restricted to stick to the current layout.

Finally, her microwave could not fit into the roller shutter door as it was too deep, so we had to carefully design an addition to the project so that it looks part of the design and also fits the microwave.

Client Brief
Very clear and specific requirement on the glass splash back.

Wanted a loud black and white combination.

Galaxy black bench top with 40m Miter edging.

Wanted to make her splash back center of attraction in the kitchen.

Double Oven, Induction Cooktop, Canopy Range hood

The glass splash back and the way it has been continued on the glass doors on each side of the range hood. The graphic required a lot of creative thinking.

Rice pepper glass with the black design on the glass. It took a lot of home work to work out the best way of manufacturing the doors. Had to do a lot of research to choose the right material.

Lit up the kitchen so that the main focus was on the splash back. Too much or too little wouldn’t have worked.

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