Materials & Finishes

There are a lot of materials and finishes available for the bathroom. Each of them has a specific performance guideline and standard which should be adhered to.

Materials and finishes should always be specified according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and relevant statutory authority regulations.

Resin-Based solid surfaces: There are many man-made resin-based solid surface materials. These materials have the colour or pattern consistent throughout the product. They are homogenous and scratch resistant and may also be used in the bathroom for benchtops and floor and wall cladding.

Natural Stone: Natural stone are millions of years old, and each stone block is unique. Natural stone is resistant to high temperature, staining and scratching and is used for benchtops, basins, tiles and can be used in sheet form for wall cladding.

Reconstituted stone: Reconstituted stone is a composite material made from a blend of natural stone particles and coloured pigments. It may be used on floors, walls, benchtops.

Glass: Glass may be used for shower screen, benchtops, wall and floor coverings in sheet or tile form and glass backs. Glass in the bathroom must meet the requirements for human impact and serviceability and the type and thickness of glass that may be used is limited in the BCA according to its grade.

Terrazzo: Terrazzo is a slurry mixture consisting of marble stone chips, sand and cement which is polished smooth when cured. It may be used for floors and features in the bathroom.

Timber: Timber may be used for benchtops, walling and cabinetry. It may be solid or veneer.

Paint- Wall: The use of paint on walls should be according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Vinyl: Some vinyl sheets, flooring and tiles are unsuitable for use in the bathroom due to the high level of moisture in the room.

Type of tiles:

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Terracotta Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Glass Tiles
  • Natural Stone Tiles
  • Reconstituted Tiles Slate
Cabinetry Substrates & Finishes
Unless otherwise specified, the materials used for a cabinet carcass and construction should be a moisture-resistant material. A number of materials may be used including moisture-resistant particleboard and moisture-resistant medium-density fibreboard.

Type of material used are:

  • Moisture-resistant particleboard
  • Moisture-resistant medium-density fibreboard
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl/foil wrap
  • Paint – cabinetry
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