Kitchen Splashbacks

A kitchen splash back is the material on the wall above the sink, cook top or other bench top space that protects the wall from oil, grease, splashes, and other kitchen messes that occur when you are cooking or preparing food. There are many different materials that you can choose from when you are deciding on your kitchen splash back. Each will create a different effect so you need to keep this in mind when making your final decision. Here are some of your choices:
Colour-backed glass
Colour-backed glass is a glass with a paint finish to the rear and is used extensively for splash backs as it offers a clean, grout-free finish. It is available in standard glass (Clear Float), which does not give a true indication of paint finish on the rear, or Starphire glass, which allows the real colour to project through the glass. All of our glass splash backs are made from high quality toughened glass. When used near a gas stove, either the glass splash back or the wall lining behind must be non-combustible, and this will all be carefully checked by our project manager.
There are so many tiles to choose from with different patterns, textures and colours. Tiles can create a feature within a kitchen; sometimes the tiles or the splashback area are the main feature of the kitchen and can influence many of the other selections (benchtopsand doors). Glass and tiles can be used in combination to create an interesting aesthetic.
Laminex Metaline Splashback
Metaline splashbacks are an aluminium composite panel consisting of two coil-coated aluminium sheets bonded onto both sides of a flame retardant (FR) core. The coated aluminium sheets are 0.5mm thick and sandwiched onto a 3mm FR core to give a total thickness of 4mm.The high-gloss, decorated surface is easy to clean, mark- and stain resistant, and fire-resistant. Metaline splashback panels are suited to use in all splashback applications and can be used behind both gas and electric cook tops. Metaline splashbacks are Code Mark certified to meet the requirements of the BCA. Metalinesheethave the ability to bend for internal and external corners, giving a seamless fold, making them ideal for splashback application.
Bench Tops
Bench top splashbacks sound unusual but it simply means that you are continuing the material of your bench top up to become the splashback as well. This could be laminate, or a thin veneer of stone or stone composite.
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is a very modern, clean choice for your kitchen splashback and it is another material that is very easy to keep clean. Be aware that it will easily show smudges, fingerprints, water marks and other things if you are not careful.
Paint is a simple choice and a very economical one but you need to be sure that it is water resistant and easy to clean. The beauty about paint is that you’re practically unlimited in design choices.
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