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Wooden or timber veneer floorboards are a very popularchoice as they are generally easy to clean and maintain.Spills are easily wiped up but strong chemicals arenot recommended as these will damage the surface.However, this type of flooring can be noisy as soundreverberates off the surface, rather than being absorbed,which may be an issue for the client.

Timber is often chosen by homeowners as theylike the warmth it can bring to the room, adding to thewelcoming nature of the space.

A timber floating floor is fitted via a tongue-and-groovesystem in which each piece slots into the precedingpiece as it is laid. It is called a floating floor because thepieces are not glued or attached to the substrate below.Generally quick to assemble, a floating flooris a popular choice for today’s homeowners.

Timber veneer or laminate flooring options areput together in a similar way or the pieces can beglued together.


Exposed concrete flooring has increased in popularity with the advent of the ‘industrial’ look in home design. The surface is extremely durable and low- maintenance, which makes it great for kitchens and open-plan living areas.

One of the benefits of a concrete floor is the ability toinject colour and texture into the surface to fit the lookand feel of the home. Careful planning will be requiredif a concrete floor is to be specified because it is best ifthe whole floor is poured at one time, which means it willneed to be done after any walls have been demolishedif it is a renovation project.

Concrete floors should be sealed with an appropriateproduct and can be polished for a sleek finish or leftas matt for a more subdued result. This type of floorcan be cold underfoot, so it is essential to discussunder floor heating options with your client before finaldecisions are made.


Tiles — ceramic or stone — are a very popularchoice for their durability, ease of installation andlow requirements for ongoing care and maintenance.Specification of a non-slip tile is vital in a kitchenenvironment to ensure safety.


Sometimes used, although not popular with manyhomeowners as it is considered a cheap option, vinylflooring does have the benefit of being a much softer(and quieter) surface that can cushion the feet if thecook is spending many hours in the kitchen as wellas save on breakages if items are dropped.

Vinyl flooring has developed in recent years andis now available in a wide range of attractive styles,colours and textures, and is extremely easy to clean.

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