Kitchen Design Tips

  • Be careful if using a dark timber or veneer finish as this will make a small room appear even smaller
  • Take care to allow adequate clearances between hot surfaces such as gas burners and combustible materials which may be chosen for splash backs or substrates.
  • Allow for and take care in the placement of joins (where needed for the bench top surface chosen). It is a good idea to plan for joins at the edges of the kitchen or hidden around appliances where they will not be as noticeable. Joins will be necessary in any kind of bench tops.
  • Always consider options for an environmentally friendly kitchen and talk to your Damco’s designer to see how he/she can bring their expertise to help you make sustainable choices for fittings and materials
  • For a more contemporary effect with a wooden floor, avoid using a skirting piece.
  • Tiled floors are great for both indoor and outdoor applications and can assist in creating visual flow from one space to the next
  • If space is an issue, pale-coloured floor tiles in larger sizes can make the kitchen appear larger
  • To ensure a low-maintenance finish, look at using a sealer on whatever floor surface is chosen (where it is applicable to the flooring used)
  • When a specific material is chosen as a ‘feature’ in the design, ensure consideration is given to lighting to highlight and enhance it
  • Using decorative board in the correct application can create an area of visual excitement and interest, e.g. the back of an open shelf, breakfast bar or a pantry door
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  • The use of materials on vertical surfaces, such as integrated appliances, will provide a clean, streamlined effect
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