K2 Cover – Premium Warranty

Every kitchen on an average involves 15-20 different manufacturers or companies and it is often hectic and very confusing to know who to call when something goes wrong. In most cases you would end up making 8 – 10 phone calls in order to get the right person and in some cases you will find no one will be willing to take the responsibility, and you end up with either a faulty product or spending a fortune fixing or replacing it. A lot of times their would be lack of knowledge as well, as you will not know what is covered and what’s not.

As part of our fantastic K2 Cover pack, we put together all the paper work for warranty in one simple pack, which means you only ever have to refer to one pack if any thing in your kitchen goes wrong.
We will also take responsibility to contact the appropriate manufacturer or supplier to lodge the warranty claim, which means you only have to get in touch with us and we will take it from their.

Warranty terms & conditions at glance

(Full set of warranty T & C’s will be provided upon order confirmation)

  • 10 Years of Damco Kitchen’s limited warranty for your cabinetry workmanship.
  • Back to back manufacturer’s warranty for all the doors, panels, laminate bench top, Stone, hardware, appliances and all other 3rd party items.

For example – if we sell you a Westinghouse oven, which has a 2 years warranty from Westinghouse for parts and labor, then we simply pass that warranty as it is.

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