Hampton Style Kitchens in Melbourne

Perfect for those who love to entertain, Hampton style kitchens in Melbourne are the perfect concept. Combining coastal and casual feeling while maintaining a sense of elegance and refined character. This design focuses on natural light to illuminate space. Its layout and colour combination makes a room feel more atmospheric and lively. Cooking spaces made with this theme are often inspired by the traditional beach houses.  As a result, they are always open, inviting, and relaxing.

What’s included in a Hampton style kitchen?

Hampton style kitchens are very subtle and are designed to transform a food preparation area from a workspace into a place that is more like a living area. Cooking areas with this theme require prominent elements such as a large windows that are similar to a feature wall or many small windows to comprise it. They use brighter colours and shades as well as combining both saturated and pastel tones.

Your typical Hampton style kitchen designs will also feature:

  • More predominant use of appliances as a visual.
  • Simple Hampton style cabinet designs, with smaller space than other types of cooking spaces.
  • An airy, almost beach house like atmosphere.
  • Focus on timber or faux wood flooring.
  • Combination of the dining area and kitchen as a unified space.

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What type of homes will Hampton style kitchens suit?

Due to their specific requirements, Hampton style kitchens are suitable for only for a few types of homes in Melbourne. Enclosed cooking areas may have a problem installing cabinets with this style. Interiors without a dedicated dining space may also have difficulty in implementing this concept.

Hampton styles are perfect for larger, contemporary and beach houses. This classic concept can often blur the lines between traditional and modern designs in a home to add variety to your interior. Cooking areas with this theme are also highly beneficial to those who are fortunate to have their kitchen spaces adjacent to a large verandah or patio.

How we can help realise your dream Hampton style kitchens

If you are looking to install Hampton style cabinets at your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Our kitchens are designed to make your dream renovation a reality! All of our jobs are done with the best materials and products to deliver you great quality and practicality in one package.
kitchen renovations
kitchen renovations

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