1. What is your average Kitchen price?

Ans : It completely depends on size of kitchen and type of kitchen material you have chosen. But to give an estimate we have some display kitchen in our showroom which can be used as a price guide for you.

2. Are you a registered builder practitioner ?

Ans : We are glad that you asked this question. Yes we are registered builder practitioner. Not many in the industry are, so please check all the insurance and licences of your renovator before going ahead with your decision.

3. What is the warranty on your kitchens?

Ans : Builders warranty insurance is for jobs over $12,000, which means your warranty is insured for up to 6 years.We give 10 years warranty on workmanship.Back to back manufacturer’s warranty. All of the above is covered under our K2 Cover – Premium Warranty Cover

4. What is your turn around time of kitchen renovation?

Ans : Again it completely depends on size of your kitchen and material you have chosen like 2 pac kitchen and stone bench top takes more time than melamine kitchen and laminate bench top. But on an average it takes around 4 week from date of your first payment.

5. Do you do bathroom as well?

Ans : Yes with our license we can legally do bathroom and any other joinery at your place like wardrobes , TV Unites, Laundry etc.

6. Where do you source your kitchen Material from?

Ans : We completely support Australian made products and Service. All our carcass and Melamine material are made in Australia. All the hardware are from Germany (Hettich), and Splash back from Australia as well. We believe in Quality and not in Quantity.

7. Are all the trades person you will be using are registered?

Ans : Yes we use all registered trades person. We will be handling your Electrical and Plumbing work compliance certificate at end of the job.

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