Country Style Kitchens in Melbourne

Traditional, simple, and appealing – country style kitchens throughout Melbourne have a unique charm that cannot be matched. This theme is not only suitable for rural properties, and an increasing number of inner city homeowners are embracing the rustic warmth of this design.

What’s included in a country style kitchen?

The concept behind having such a kitchen is to create a comfortable living space. This design commonly uses more traditional elements and materials such as timber. The idea is to keep the area as inviting as possible while opening up adjacent spaces in the home.

The design also does the following:

  • Incorporates modern and traditional designs, from polished drawer handles to carved benchtop features.
  • Use a natural colour palette, from soft woods to warm and off-white shades.
  • Brings predominant benchtops to be the focal point of the area.
  • Focuses on making the cabinet designs as the main feature of the area.
  • Comes with an easy to use workspace, making accessibility a priority.

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What type of homes will such kitchens suit?

Despite their name, they are perfectly suitable for any type of home interior. Their natural warmth can either complement a similarly designed house, or act as a great contrast against a cool, modern interior. This theme also features a lot of natural materials, and will often add more visual dynamics to homes.They are also widely used in commercial spaces, where they add a pleasing, homely touch to significant places such as restaurants and hotels. Because of their versatility, they are a familiar theme that can be seen almost everywhere, especially in Melbourne.

How we can help realise your dream kitchen

Our team is highly experienced and can help you realise your dream cooking space. We have created renovations for all types of designs across the area. Our consultative process will ensure that we understand your exact wants and needs to provide you with maximum satisfaction.
kitchen renovations
kitchen renovations

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