Contemporary Kitchens Design in Melbourne

From contemporary to the ultra-modern and super sleek, our kitchens are functional designs for practically any home in Melbourne. They feature clean cut, wide and open spaces with a focus on practicality. These cooking spaces are perfect for the budding chef, and those of us who love to entertain friends at home.

What’s included in a contemporary kitchen?

Contemporary kitchens focus on space and an easy workflow. As a result, these styles are free of the more detailed aspects available in other themes. This doesn’t mean that a space using this concept can’t look good though. The overall sleekness of the area reflected by using this style will more than make up for the lack of detailed fixtures and fittings.

The features of this design include:

  • Flat and square shapes, that focuses more on simple design elements.
  • The use of either contrasting or similar materials in the overall design.
  • An easy and safe workflow, designed to make the space work as simple as possible.
  • A lack of handles and other detailed fixtures, again playing on the modern design.
  • An island bench, made to be the focal point of the entire space.

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What type of homes will contemporary kitchens suit?

Contemporary kitchens can be found in all types of homes throughout Melbourne. The subtle style of this design makes it ideal for renovations, as it can be tailored to blend with the rest of the existing interior. Modern designs also have the advantage of making smaller homes feel larger, due to their clever usage of space.

These kitchens will also benefit those living a busy lifestyle. Contemporary designs are built to make life easier with simple surfaces that are easy to clean. They also simplify cooking duties, thanks to their open space. Spaces using these styles are built to last, and are a great investment.

How we can help realise your dream contemporary kitchen

We are an award winning kitchen and bathroom renovation company, specialising in contemporary designs. Our consultative process allows us to understand your desired themes and styles. We use the very best materials available locally, and work in a prompt and timely manner.
kitchen renovations
kitchen renovations

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