Bathroom Tiles

Why Your Bathroom Deserves A Good Selection of Tiles

Planning a remodelling, or building a new home? Then it’s no surprise that the bathroom is where a great deal of your efforts will be focused on. Even if you aren’t planning to knock down a wall or fit in a new skylight for your bathroom, details do count for a lot in the long run. Your bathroom is an area of your home or commercial premises that will see a good deal of daily foot traffic, after all. So why shouldn’t you do what you can, to afford it the most beautiful detail available? When working with our interior designers at Damco Kitchens, you’ll easily see how we place a good amount of attention to detail, no matter the scale of your next remodelling project.

Set the Best Impressions for One of Your Most Personal Spaces

Beyond seeing a fair amount of day-to-day use, your bathroom is most definitely among your most personal spaces to be seen, especially if you are remodelling for a home environment. It’s easy to expect a prized houseplant or personal interior design style communicating itself through a framed poster above a bathroom vanity, but your tile selection will most importantly set the tone for your bathroom space without a person even realising it. Working with our interior designers will allow you an insight into this perspective, where we appreciate your bathroom space minus all the personal trimmings that naturally come after your remodelling is done.

When it comes to tile selection for your bathroom, you should never be too shy to consider how a decorative feature wall would do just as well in such a space, as it might within a living area or hallway. With tile selection, a subtle patterned tile or a natural-stone look might provide you with a focal point to tie the rest of your bathroom together. It might be a small detail, next to other matters like selecting your fittings and furniture – but the right selection of tiles will no doubt form the background upon which the rest of your interior aesthetic will come alive.

Plan for Your Bathroom Theme with the Right Choice of Tiles and Colours

Appropriate tile selection presents in either of two considerations: the need for patterns, and a unifying choice of colour that can help to tie everything through. Working with our interior design team at Damco Kitchens will help you plan ahead, beginning with a great choice of tiles to set a theme for your bathroom interior as you go along with other considerations. Think in terms of contrast, or compliments – and don’t be afraid to collaborate with our interior stylists to really explore the variety and utility of our tile recommendations.

Some ideas to place a feature wall or focal point, using tiles include:

– Areas above your bathtub,
– Within your shower space, or
– As murals for neutral walls.

All Your Interior Ambitions, Brought to Life By DAMCO Kitchens

We think beyond just building materials and cost-effectiveness, when it comes to helping our clients find the right choice of tiles for their remodelling projects. If you’ve been considering a remodelling for your bathroom, consider working with our interior designers to find the right mix of inspirations to bring your dream spaces to life. Call us for an obligation-free consultation today on 03 9855 2310.