kitchen renovations

Why should you choose Australian made Custom kitchens?

Kitchen industry is one of the industries which is significantly affected by cheap low quality imports. Their are more and more businesses who have either left the market or have gone ahead to start doing more specialist works for example entertainment units, bars etc.

By Buying Australian made you’re not only supporting local jobs and our economy, but also getting great products.You’ll not only be doing yourself a favour, but you’ll also be supporting our local workers and our environment.

Be aware of cheap imports.

– The structure or in more technical terms the carcass of the kitchen are made out of the most inferior quality material. we call that a “sheet of wheat bix”.

– Due to the nature of the product, you will never get a finish as you would with the custom made kitchens.

– All DIY companies make the installation sound like piece of cake, however the quality of installation is one of the most important thing in any kitchen. A good installation with a budget custom made kitchen is far better the a bad installation with the most expensive DIY kitchen.

– Kitchen is not just cabinets, but it includes trades(like electrician, plumbing, plastering, tilling) , Splashback, Benchtop, Flooring, etc. Which should be consider while choosing a DIY Kitchen. As the situations are always not perfect,example 97% of times the floor are out which make it difficult for an inexperience installer to install and align cabinets.

– With DIY Kitchens the cabinet width and height are always a restriction as they are made in wholesale. On the other hand with Custom Made kitchens you could have kitchen design which suits you and which is more functional. You can even change the layout of kitchen plus get a personalised experience with companies like Damco Kitchens. Even after 10 years if you have a issue with your kitchen they will look after you.

– Kitchens are the “Heart of House” which most of us redo once or twice in our entire life time, than why to choose a low quality wholesale DIY Kitchen?

Damco kitchens is one of the very few businesses who have strategised the business structure by way of using latest technologies including the latest cloud computing for our CRM and project management. We have managed to continue supplying the best quality locally made kitchens, and most importantly we have the best customer service plus we still have prices that can easily compete with an imported kitchen. We have kitchens starting from $3,000. At Damco kitchens everything we say and do have always been and will always be customer centric.

We aim to give you the best quality kitchens at the lowest prices. We assure you of a smooth experience through our your kitchen renovation in Melbourne. Please contact us for a free 3D design consultation and quote.