Designer Bathroom Remodeling

Why A Floating Vanity Is Perfect For Your Bathroom Remodel

Taking up a bathroom renovation in Melbourne and want to create the ultimate contemporary bathroom? Consider installing a floating vanity. Being one of the design choices of the moment, floating vanities can make your bathroom appear bigger, save floor space, and make cleaning a breeze. Damco Kitchens creates dream designer bathrooms in Melbourne and can install a floating vanity in yours.

What is a Floating Vanity?

Floating vanities are mounted and fixed to a wall to give the appearance that the vanity is “floating” as it doesn’t touch the floor at all. They’re incredibly popular in contemporary designed bathrooms, but newer customisation options are opening them up to fit more aesthetics than before. They give the room a luxurious feel and even the most affordable options appear and feel expensive. The vanities come in different configurations. From complete units to partial sets to separate pieces, so you get to decide what works best for your bathroom.

There’s no set height for floating vanities, you can install them at whatever height you need. But most commonly found is the vanity itself being between 45cm – 50cm high, so with the gap included it sits between 76cm – 81cm high.

Pros of a Floating Vanity

They make the space feel bigger

If you’ve got quite a small bathroom, floating vanities are a great option over floor based vanities that can look bulky and take up a lot of room. Having the vanity off the floor will give more floor space for the light to bounce off of and will give a sense of openness.

Cleaning is made easy

Those nooks and crannies are difficult to clean with a standard vanity, but you don’t have to worry about that with a floating vanity. With it off the ground sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping becomes a breeze!

Efficient storage

With so many different options available you can customise your storage to suit exactly to your needs without having to resort to big cupboards. The space underneath also becomes a great spot to store baskets, step stools, or mobility equipment.

Perfect for tiny bathrooms

If you’ve got a narrow bathroom, floating vanities are available in slim-line designs. The faucet is tucked into the side allowing the width of the vanity to become as small as 32cm. You retain the ability to move around your bathroom, and still get storage options below.

Damco Kitchens Is The Place For Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

Floating vanities is just one current trend that Damco Kitchens can install in your home. Our team stays up to date on the latest trends and can help with any bathroom designs, Melbourne. Our staff are ready to help, give us a call on (03) 9544 0210 today!