Kitchen Renovations by Damco

What To Consider When Preparing For A Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne are a big undertaking. A kitchen renovation with Damco Kitchens usually takes around 12 weeks to complete, so you will need to ensure you are prepared before the start date. What do you need to consider?


Ensure you have sufficient funds for the renovation. The price will be worked out during the consultation and planning stages, but make sure you have some more put aside for emergencies or unexpected expenses, and food while you’re not able to access your kitchen.

Council Approval

Check with your local council to see if there are any permits you need to obtain before construction. They aren’t common within Melbourne, but check on any incase you need them for structural changes, electrical, or plumbing. Without necessary permits work has to stop.

Clean Out Your Kitchen

All existing drawers and cabinets will need to be emptied, so this is a great chance to take stock and get rid of items you no longer need. You’ll never know what you’ll find. Do you really still need that fairy floss maker you haven’t used in ten years? Throw out any broken items and donate anything that’s still in good condition but you don’t use anymore. The rest can be packed away to move into your brand new kitchen. Clearly label each box to make unpacking a snap.

Prepare The Rest Of Your House

Renovations can get messy, so make sure to seal up entrances to other areas of your home that could be affected during demolition and construction. Cover floors and stairs with heavy plastic sheets to keep them clean and line walls with heavy cardboard to protect them from damage while goods are being carried through.

Plan and Prepare Meals

You’ll be without your own large appliances for a while, so you’ll need to prepare for the amount of meals during renovation. Setting up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in the house is a good idea. A garage, laundry, verandah, or other closed in areas work well. If possible, set up your fridge and freezer nearby. Some essentials to remember to include are tea & coffee provisions, toaster, cutlery, and washing up utensils.

Have a look at what you already have available in your pantry and see if you can use up what you already have. Prepare some easy to cook and freezable meals that can easily be reheated to avoid any hassles. This is also a great time to get creative with your outdoor barbecue grill!

Tell Your Neighbours

It’s unavoidable, renovations get noisy. To be considerate, let your neighbours know about your upcoming renovations and how long the noise will affect them. Pop around to let them know, or if you’re not close you can leave a note in their letterbox.

Reach Out To Friends & Family

This is a great chance to spend some extra time with your loved ones. Book in a few dates to dine with your family and friends at their homes. Or offer to cook them a meal in their kitchen! This would be especially great as a thank you if you’re storing any of your kitchen items at their house during the renovations.

Damco Kitchens Will Complete Your Kitchen Renovation Quickly and Professionally

Here at Damco Kitchens we provide a full service of trades to complete your kitchen renovation in Melbourne. We are designers, builders, plumbers, and electricians. Give us a call on (03) 9544 0210 and we can help you begin preparing for your brand new kitchen.