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What Council Approvals Do You Need For A Kitchen Renovation In VIC?

Carrying out a kitchen renovation in Melbourne can be an exciting time. However, you may need to consider the type of permits you need to complete your project. It’s important to be informed on the building process so you don’t get caught out accidentally breaking the law. It’s a good idea to seek advice from your builder and local council to see what type of permits you’ll need before beginning the renovation process.

In Victoria, there are laws and regulations to be aware of when undertaking domestic building and renovation such as the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995, Building Act 1993, and Building Regulations 2018.

When you need permits – and when you don’t

The size and specifics of your renovation will determine whether you need permits or not. The short version is that if your renovation is affecting the structure of your home or involves plumbing works, you will likely need a permit. If you’re just undertaking aesthetic works on your designer kitchen in Melbourne, such as installing new benchtops, a new oven, painting, tiling, etc. you may not need to worry about council approvals.

If your project costs more than $10,000 and involves structural work, you will need to hire a registered building practitioner and enter into a ‘major domestic building contract.’ If the contract is more than $16,000 the builder will also be required to provide domestic building insurance.

Planning permits

A planning permit from your local council gives you permission to develop or use your land in a particular way, such as an extension, renovation, or additional dwelling. If you are unsure whether you need a planning permit, your builder or a town planner can help determine if you need one. If you do, a planning permit must be issued before you can obtain a building permit.

Building permits

Building permits show and certify that your proposed renovation complies with relevant building regulations in your area. A municipal building surveyor is the one who provides this approval.

A building permit provides benefits and protection by ensuring that those working on your project are registered with the required insurance, adequate documentation is prepared, the work is independently inspected, and that your building is safe for occupation.

A building permit will be issued after the building levy has been paid and you have received a building permit number. The permit will state whether you need an occupancy permit or a certificate of final inspection once the building work is completed.

Additional permits

You may need to consider other council permits and approvals beyond the above in certain circumstances such as:

– If there is limited parking space, you may need to obtain parking permits for your contractors.

– If your home was built before 1990, it may contain asbestos. There are specific laws around removal and disposal of asbestos.

– Most waste from renovations is not allowed in your weekly garbage collections, so you may need to get a permit for a bin or skip to be placed on public land as part of your project.

Damco Kitchens Can Help With Council Renovation Approvals In Melbourne

Many aspects of your renovation can be managed by your builder and at Damco, we’re happy to help you understand any council permits you may need for your custom kitchen in Melbourne. Send us a message to get started or give us a call on (03) 9544 0210 to have a chat with our expert team.