Smother Bathroom Design

Use these Renovation Tips for a Smoother Bathroom Remodelling Project

It’s often too easy to assert how crucial a bathroom remodelling is, no matter what stage of the journey you are at as a property owner. Whether you’ve found yourself a dream first property and are wanting to get your remodelling out of the way, or are looking to refurbish one of your previously purchased properties, the fact remains that the bathroom will always be an area of your home that will require attention from time to time.

Whether you’ve considered a bathroom renovation as a means of enhancing the valuation potential of your investment property, or simply want to create a personal touch to your bathroom area that won’t go unnoticed, these few tips offer nuggets of our own wisdom, and will hopefully help you to see why Damco Kitchens is a trusted name when it comes to bathroom and kitchen remodelling.

Always Go for a Wow Factor

A bit of style can go a long way, especially when it comes to creating a winning impression with your bathroom spaces. Be it to design your dream home, or to create added value for your investment property, the fact remains that impressive spaces will always demand the right type of attention in their own way. Our interior designers and builders are never too shy of recommending a host of options to give your bathroom that extra aesthetic edge it needs. Be it with clever new fittings like an electric towel rail, or with something as simple as a new set of brass mixers, there’s always more than just one way to build an impressive bathroom area.

Consult with Our Team of Professionals – Even if Just for a Quote

Among the most important things that our professionals can assist with are:

– Designing a consistent theme for your remodelled bathroom,
– Helping you to devise a realistic budget for your project, as well as
– Minimise any cost that comes from errors and rectifications.

While we understand that our clients may sometimes opt for a preference for cost saving, few things will beat the time and money saved from any improperly fitted components of your bathroom – an occurrence that we’ve noticed happens more often than not!

Plan, Plan, Plan Ahead

Clever planning makes for quicker, more efficient work. Think of all the time saved from being able to get your bathroom remodelling project done right in one go. Examples of the type of planning that we would recommend our clients consider are to think of the amount of storage space they might need. With your storage components squared away, this simply leaves more available room for you to consider, if your next bathroom upgrade deserves additional fittings such as shower curtains, or even a bathtub. Regardless, our interior designers are always ready to provide effective consultation.

DAMCO Kitchens is the Name to Trust for All Your Bathroom Remodelling Needs

Few decisions will be as smart as working with a professional team of builders and interior specialists for your next bathroom remodelling project. Whether you are a new homeowner or an investment property owner looking to upgrade their bathroom spaces, you are always welcome to consult with our team by calling 03 9855 2310. Damco Kitchens is a leading provider of bathroom and kitchen remodelling expertise in Melbourne and can help you from the get-go, with an obligation-free consultation today.