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Neutral tones are fantastic to work with in bathroom renovations

Neutral tones are incredibly powerful to work with, and you only have to look at these two bathroom renovations to see why. These bathroom renovations, conducted in Brighton East, made good use of white and neutral shades to create two, distinctive spaces for both the main and ensuite of the same property.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

The ensuite bathroom

White is a great colour to create a sense of space and shape, and can often make areas seem larger than what they are. We used the colour throughout the whole renovation of the bathrooms, using black as a contrast for definition of the vanity.

The use of white has also helped to maximise the brightness of the bathroom, allowing the colour to emphasise the shapes that have been created. The standing bathtub is more dramatic because of this, whilst the glass screens also help to make the room feel airy and open.

The main bathroom

Neutral colours can often create a sense of texture, even if the material itself possesses none. Revolving around printed art over the bathtub, we used a series of warm greys to create a room where there is visual interest at every turn.

The tones of the tiles allow for the white benches, drawers, and facilities to stand out. This helps to add more light to the area, whilst also creating many different points of contrast. The illusion of texture keeps this small bathroom space dynamic, and allows it to remain both personal and distinctive from the bedroom.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne