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Top 4 Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen Trend in Australia is similar to what they have in US, on the other hand Europe have a completely different trend. Kitchens in Europe are smaller in size, Compact, organised and light as they carry their kitchen along with them when they move and that is the reason they spend lot of money on expensive kitchen appliances. In Europe “there is a place for everything and everything in its place. In Australia kitchens are bigger in size and are have more open spaces in it. We have bigger Islands in our kitchens, we have a wine holder inbuilt in kitchen, we have more drawers etc. According to latest study in market we have seen some kitchen design trend which can never be out of trend.

GRAY COLOR SCHEMES in Kitchen: Gray Color Schemes in kitchens have witnessed a significant rise since last few years. From deep charcoal to dusty white gray is a versatile and neutral option for color in the kitchen. Gray evokes strong emotions although it has been seen as a cloudy or moody color.

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WHITE AND TIMBER COMBINATION: White painted cabinetry has stayed top since last many years and wooden trend is something which can be never be out of trend. Combination of white and timber in kitchens bring smooth and clean designs. White and timber combination can be used in different ways like it could be white cabinet and timber benchtop, timber cabinet and white quartz stone, or combination of white and timber finish in cabinets.

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SPLASHES OF COLOR: Some Splash of bright color in kitchen bring life in it. It could be in a form of colored sink, or some bright color splash-back, color full appliances , colored kick board or bulkhead, or a colored show piece in kitchen. Contrast of colour in kitchen cabinets is a good option as well.

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TRADITIONAL OR CONTEMPORARY STYLE KITCHEN : French provincial kitchens with Rustic painted cabinets or vinyl profile doors and korean benchtop is something which can never be out of trend. These kitchen bring elegance and royalty with them which can suit any lifestyle. Traditional kitchens with some modern design twist is also something with brings warm with it.

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