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Top Cabinet Trends of 2015

Damco Kitchens are the leading manufacturer of beautiful kitchen cabinets in Melbourne, and this year we’ve noticed some particularly eye catching trends emerge across the industry. Kitchen cabinets are very reliant on fads and fashions spawning from pop culture, and it’s no surprise to see that ideas of clean whiteness, uniformity and convenience, have influenced the top cabinet trends in 2015.

We’ve rounded up the top three which, we think, are a fantastic way to set aside your kitchen as a distinctive, interior space on its own. Read through our list and let us know in the comments section what you think!

White or Off-White Cabinets

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In the last decade, white has been foregone in the kitchen area, for more eye popping colours or distinctly rustic, timber cabinets. However, white or slightly off-white cabinets have come back in a big way, with many homeowners looking to recreate their kitchen as a feature area of the household. White cabinets are fantastic for making the kitchen space look larger than it actually is, and for creating a clean, radiant appearance that draws attention to the area.

Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

Stemming from a broader trend of having a uniform, interior design theme, floor-to-ceiling cabinets are currently hot property, providing huge, storage space and a kitchen area with a stunning sense of occasion. Floor-to-Ceiling cabinets provide a continuous appearance for your kitchen, which helps to highlight particular areas of the kitchen bench, ensuring that the kitchen appears as a singular unit.

Kitchen Cabinet

Inbuilt Storage

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With storage space becoming more and more of a concern, as people refuse to endlessly stack pots and pans on top of each other, dedicated space built into the frame of the cabinet door have become increasingly popular. Having space to slip your frying pans into the cabinet door frees up shelf space, and this can be a particularly desirable appearance when combined with glass front cabinet doors.

With extensive experience as the leading cabinet makers in Melbourne, Damco Kitchens can provide you with all of these new and exciting trends to create your ideal kitchen area. Talk to us today for a free, no obligation consultation, and let us help you design and execute your stunning kitchen renovation.