kitchen design ideas Melbourne

Top 10 Ideas of Kitchen Renovation

Last week we had long discussions about kitchen renovation ideas in our company. Every employee in our company had a different perspective towards kitchen renovation. And hence we came up with 10 best kitchen renovation ideas. May be these can be helpful to someone who is thinking to renovate their kitchen.

  • Choosing Right Company : Not because we are a kitchen renovation company we give this a top most priority, but because this decision will affect you and your family for coming 8-10 years. Choose the right company by checking their reviews, testimonials, previous works, licenses, and Insurances etc.
  • Consider your lifestyle: Every family has a different lifestyle; make sure you design your kitchen around it. Big family has a different space and kitchen design requirement as compare to a small size family, Will it be a open plan kitchen with dinning space in it etc.
kitchen design ideas Melbourne
  • Setting a Budget: Set budget of kitchen renovation before starting your project. Work around that budget and try to make best out of it. One lesson we have learnt over years is don’t cut corners instead wait some more time to renovate.
  • Getting Project Managed : Kitchen is a very complicated product and heart of your kitchen, which involves 10 different trades in it. Look for a company who can manage everything related to your renovation.
  • Consider your Existing structure: Some structure in your home cannot be removed or shifted like a post, wall or window. Consider those while making a kitchen design and try to include that in it.
  • Right Colour/Material : Choose colour and material of kitchen, which suits your lifestyle, culture and budget. Try to choose colour and material, which are always in trend, as kitchen is not something, which you change regularly.
  • Appliances : Make a list of appliances, which you think you will need in your kitchen. Consider their sizes and location in your kitchen design. Fit them in kitchen design by considering ergonomics and working triangle of kitchen.
kitchen design ideas Melbourne
  • Flooring: If you are going to keep the same floor after renovation, make sure you choose kitchen colour and material considering it in mind.
  • Kitchen Lighting: Light can give your kitchen a complete different look. If you have enough natural lightening in your kitchen then you might not need as much added lighting but otherwise it is a good idea to spend on some lightening. We have a complete range of lighting in display in our showroom, which can give a good idea of how to make your kitchen bright and positive.
  • Kitchen Accessories: Last but not the least make your kitchen smart by adding different and innovative kitchen accessories like corner carousal, pull out units, bins, cutlery inserts etc. Make kitchen more organised.

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kitchen design ideas Melbourne