Top 10 Fails: What Not To Do For Your Next Kitchen Renovation

Planning a kitchen renovation in Melbourne can always be exciting yet complex. As kitchen remodelling demands you to play with multiple components, it’s possible to forget about mistakes you must avoid while planning kitchen renovations in Melbourne.

Our experts at Damco Kitchens have prepared a list of 10 things you must be considerate of during kitchen transformations:

1. Overloaded Kitchen Islands

Overstuffing the kitchen island with a lot of stuff can make it difficult to access what you need. You should avoid keeping most of the dinnerware and other items on the countertop. Also, make sure the cabinets do not extend further than the countertop rim. Not stuffing kitchen islands will offer an aesthetically appealing look to your kitchen.

2. Overlooking Storage

It is definitely not wise to wait for the renovation process to plan storage spaces. You should pre-plan your storage options to make the most out of a custom kitchen. You can always try and fix open shelves to cabinets for storage purposes. If you wish to showcase appliances and serveware, opt for glass door cabinets as they can serve the purpose of storage and display.

3. Wasted Spaces

Failing to be considerate of spaces is one of the most common mistakes that happen in kitchen renovations in Melbourne. Giant kitchen spaces might be appealing to you but make sure not to have dead corners in the kitchen. Having modern kitchen appliances and closets and still not being able to roam around to use them is not favourable. Hence, consider the mobility you need as you prepare meals.

4. Lack of Planning

According to one of our specialists working on designer kitchens in Melbourne, one should never fail to make a proper plan before starting the renovation project. It is wise to consider your family’s needs and lifestyle while planning a kitchen renovation in Melbourne. Proper planning can help you know about unnecessary changes and waste your time going back and forth with the upgrades.

5. Ignoring the Kitchen Triangle

Keeping important appliances far from each other is not an ideal. You should create a triangle between the stove, sink, and refrigerator to have them stand close in reach while cooking. But make sure not to cluster them all too close.

6. Choosing Cabinets Before Appliances

Don’t plan to buy appliances after installing closets in the kitchen. Instead, if you choose to have measurements of kitchen appliances just before you plan to fix cabinets, you can plan around inch-to-inch. It is better and easy to pick cabinets to fit the fridge, oven, and other kitchen essentials than the other way round.

7. Neglecting a Backsplash

The backsplash is a focal point for any designer kitchen. People usually ignore this while taking major leaps in remodelling their kitchen. We advise investing a bit in backsplash tile to achieve an easy-to-clean splashback and a wow factor.

8. Using Low-Grade Materials

Kitchen renovations in Melbourne are pricey for sure. Yet, we recommend not to compromise on the quality of materials and appliances. You can always choose energy-efficient lights and avoid falling for cheap lighting fixtures constrained to your budget.

9. Not Protecting Other Parts of The House

Sometimes people get so excited and involved in their kitchen upgrade that they forget to protect other parts of their house from debris and splatters. We strongly advise covering other rooms and appliances to avoid damage or malfunctions.

10. Doing It Yourself

The thought of doing it all by yourself must have crossed your mind as you planned to have a custom kitchen. A renovation can be a complex and involved process that is best left to the professionals. On top of all, the troubles of modifying kitchen structure, replacing lights, and working on plumbing fixtures carry a risk of getting injured or destroying your space.

Finding the best kitchen renovators in Melbourne is not difficult now. You can always reach out to the experts of Damco Kitchens if you are sceptical about your renovation project. We employ skilled and experienced professionals to work on end-to-end kitchen renovation projects. The experts will get to know your perception of a kitchen upgrade, create a plan, and offer advice to help you avoid making inefficient purchases.

Quick Checklist of To Dos for Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne

  • Make sure to plan your budget over everything
  • Think long-term as you are not going to do this every now and then
  • Explore outside-the-box options for functional parts of the kitchen
  • Plan for deliveries if you are ordering materials from online stores
  • Plan a nook to accommodate friends and family