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Statement Island Benchtop Ideas For Traditional Kitchens

Islands are the centrepiece of your kitchen, so it’s important that you make the right statement with them. Damco Kitchens can help you design the perfect island for your kitchen renovation in Melbourne. Traditional Style Kitchens make great use of kitchen islands. Each sub-style of traditional kitchen has a different island benchtop that showcases their style best.

French Provincial Kitchens

French provincial kitchens are quaint, warm, and elegant. They favour natural materials and soft colours with a mix of luxurious and rustic elements. To achieve this look, stick to traditional materials that were around a century ago like wood and stone. The most popular island benchtop materials are timber, marble, and granite. Timber benchtops provide warmth that can be complemented with stone features to mix and match natural materials. For an extra call back to classic provincial days, consider a decorative benchtop that harkens back to the days when the top would’ve been hand carved. Marble and granite benchtops are practical in French provincial kitchens for their durability, but also match the aesthetics of soft colours well with whites and greys.

Country Style Kitchens

Country style kitchens are all about warmth and homeliness. You’ll find them full of neutral colours, natural timber, stone, and antique crockery. Country kitchens traditionally have the luxury of spacious floor plans, giving plenty of room for large kitchen islands. Timber or stone benchtops are a favourite here, giving a welcoming atmosphere for you and those guests who pop around for a cuppa.

Hampton Style Kitchens

Hampton style kitchens are bright, white, and fresh. A Hampton island will be the perfect balance of elegant, laidback, and functional. They are typically very grand, as to mimic the feel of Hampton mansions. You’ll find the islands with overhanging edges to accommodate island stools. Marble benchtops are a classic choice to fit the classy vibe and white colour palette. If you’re on a tighter budget, you could opt for cheaper, but still equally as beautiful, alternatives such as reconstituted stone or laminate with a stone look. White is the primary colour you are after here, but if the white ends up being too harsh neutral tones or blues and greens help offset the white and stick to the nautical theme.

Kitchen islands are a favourite in traditional style kitchens and are practical in providing a space to work while cooking, storage, and a place for people to congregate around while socialising. Natural materials for your island benchtop will also ensure a classic look that will always be in style, even if you change your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Damco Kitchens Can Help You Choose The Perfect Statement Island Benchtop

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