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Whether you’re building a new kitchen or renovating the existing one, you probably have drawn ideas from all over the place for its design. In this article i have narrowed down a few things of the most important things to consider when designing a kitchen.

SPACE PLANNING in Kitchen Renovation

Every one dreams of having a huge kitchen with a ton of space for entertaining friends and families, therefore, space planning is a important factor when designing a kitchen. When planning this, one thing to consider is how both the work and the traffic flow within and through the kitchen space. The kitchen layout should be carefully designed to reduce disruption of the cook or others entering or using the kitchen space. Considering these points will make your life easier and enjoyable.

Clearance should be allowed between hot surface such as gas burners and combustible materials which may be chosen for splashbacks or substrates. When choosing materials you must consider your bench tops, splashback and cabinetry design and finish.


Deciding on materials is one of the most challenging part of a kitchen renovation. Today’s kitchens are often custom-built to meet the needs of the household. It is vital to check the manufacture’s guidelines for use of the materials you have selected to ensure it is suitable for its proposed purpose. Example, a dark timber or veneer finish will make a small room appear even smaller.

WORK TRIANGLE in kitchen design

When designing a kitchen, priority should be given on creating a work triangle. The goal of a good kitchen work triangle is to place the three most common work sites the most efficient distance apart and to minimize traffic through the work zone. In traditional kitchens, the three main work sites are:

  • Refrigerator
  • Sink
  • Stove

Work triangles are an important concept in kitchen design as the size, shape and location of these elements can have a huge effect on how well the kitchen functions. For the most efficient layout, its recommended that the appliances should be placed as such that the distance between any two of them is no less than three feet and no more than seven feet, with the total of the triangle sides measuring no less than twelve feet. A huge distance between the appliances means extra step and shorter distance means a cramped workspace.

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Modern Kitchens Melbourne
Modern Kitchens Melbourne
Modern Kitchens Melbourne

LIGHTING in kitchens

  • Ambient or general lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Natural lighting
Modern Kitchens Melbourne


The kitchen has become more a place to relax and spend time with family and friends, this environment demands a well designed and functional kitchen appliances. Appliances differ from kitchen to kitchen and will usually be affected by budget, space and types. It is essential to consider appliances requirement before planning a kitchen design, as it sets the tone of overall design and layout.

CULTURAL REQUIREMENTS anticipation in kitchen designs

We live in a multi-cultural society, therefore different religious and cultural needs must be considered in designing kitchen. For example: the Jewish religion has several requirements around food and the storage of it, for the kitchen to be kosher, design must allow a total separation of meat and dairy

BUDGET in kitchen renovation

The kitchen cost and budget is another major factor when designing a kitchen. The cost and budget play by some important factors like, type of cabinets, the appliances required, materials for bench top and splashbacks and accessories that may include in the kitchen. Another thing to keep in mind, should be the purpose of renovating, it could be a renovation for own use or rental property, this will help determine your budget.

Considering ergonomics principles in a kitchen design can make a kitchen more productive and efficient, no matter how big or small or what space your kitchen is in. The most important areas of practical application are the specific heights, depths, widths and clearance that need to be observed. Anything stored in the work space should be easily reached without bending or stretching. The cooking appliances and supplies should be within easy reach, as well as provide enough room to be able to walk between cabinets. An ergonomically designed kitchen ensures that the space is easier to work in and also creates a environment that ensures less stress on the body.

Modern Kitchens Melbourne


Another very important thing to consider when designing a kitchen is legal requirements and recommendations as it provides a safer environment to work in.


*at least 30inch of clearance is required between the cooking surface and unprotected/combustible surface above it.

*Having a GPO 200m away from the sink


*A full length, full depth, tall obstacle should not separate two primary work centres.

*Include a minimum of 12 inches of landing area on one side of a cooking surface and 15 inches on the other side.

*Locate the microwave oven after considering the users height and abilities.

I hope my article will be helpful for those who are deciding on renovating or building a new kitchen.