Upgraded Bathroom Design

Practical Considerations for a Nature Inspired Bathroom Upgrade

The great outdoors presents plenty of ideas for interior design inspiration. There are endless options as to how you could infuse nature-inspired motifs into the various parts of your bathroom. Sometimes, it just isn’t enough to adorn your sink or shower area with a healthy houseplant.

There’s plenty to be said about how nature-inspired themes are a popular favourite when it comes to styling up your bathroom interiors. Nature-inspired bathrooms are a typical feature in most interior design magazines and create the impression of a natural escape that anyone can find within their own home. Done right, nature-inspired bathroom themes can also help to create a larger impression of space than with just a regular-looking bathroom with plain tiling. In a nutshell, there are three areas you ought to focus on when considering your next nature-themed bathroom upgrade:

  1. Wall Panels
  2. Windows
  3. Natural Materials

Idea 1: Choose A Natural Pattern with Your Tiles and Wall Panels

The rule of first impressions plays a part in setting the mood for when you first enter your bathroom. The right choice of wall panels and tiling can influence your bathroom space to the extent of creating a calming, lasting effect.

Patterns found with wood and stone are the best at achieving this, and our bathroom interior design experts at Damco Kitchens would be more than happy to help you pick out suitable panels. In our experience, pine and marble patterns can really help to achieve a prominent, natural theme in your bathroom interiors.

Idea 2: Glass and Windows Create Light-filled Spaces

Is there enough light filling your spaces? Whether your bathroom is kitted out with an older window frame or if you’ve only had to make do with slat windows, light is often the right solution to consider if you’re looking to increase the natural appeal within your bathroom.

Transom windows are placed closer to the ceiling, which allows for light and privacy at the same time. However, there are other inexpensive options, such as skylights and light tubes for you to consider. These create a lasting and immediately noticeable improvement to an otherwise dark bathroom environment, and our interior designers have been happy to explore these as a recommendation for plenty of our clients at Damco Kitchens.

Tip: You can open up your bath or shower area with a new and open plan. Think less to do with shower curtains or stalls, and more to do with barrier-free shower options.

Idea 3: Natural Materials for Countertops and Accessories

Your choice of patterned tiles and wall panels will create a subtle background for which other natural accents can rest in complement with the rest of your bathroom interior. Think of them as a muted theme that forms the background component of your bathroom style.

Then add to that backdrop with a choice of natural materials when selecting your countertops, furniture, as well as with other fixtures. Laminated hardwood is just one popular option commonly considered by many interior designers. However, glass and concrete are also among popular choices, and our interior designers are always happy to help with your selection.

Tip: The good news is that any of these material options will be perfectly complemented by the addition of a houseplant here and there. So don’t forget to top off your upgrade with a healthy dose of indoor flora!

Get Expert Advice on Affordable Bathroom Upgrades with Damco Kitchens

We’re always happy to help our customers improve on or implement their best interior design ideas. Bathroom upgrades can sometimes seem like a luxury to be afforded. However, we honestly encourage our clients to think of the lasting long-term effects that these simple, cost-effective improvements can make towards creating ideal spaces within your home environment. If these ideas have struck a chord of interior inspiration within you, call through to our team for an obligation-free consultation today at (03) 9855 2310