kitchen renovations Melbourne

Planning your Kitchen Space

Kitchens have evolved into multi purpose areas within our homes, where we dine, tell stories, socialise, and create the culinary delights that we love. They are no longer just for cooking.

Thinking about the amount of traffic your new kitchen may have, and whether it is to be a space for socializing as well as practicality, are all factors that will determine your layout.

What thinking is required during the design phase?

kitchen renovations Melbourne

Establish your space

Browsing through home magazines of finished kitchens is standard practice when looking for inspiration, but it’s more important to finalise the space you have to work with beforehand. Often people become attached to the idea of a particular design, and don’t stop to think if it is appropriate for the space available to them.

If you establish what you have to work with and how you want to use the area, you have completed the first step.

Getting Quotes

Putting thought into your schematic electrical and lighting plans, will make discussions with cabinet makers and other tradesmen regarding quotes much easier. The more information you can provide before getting somebody to look at your space, the better.

Nobody has ever regretted planning too much when it comes to kitchens, only too little.

For more information on quotes for your plan, send our cabinet makers in Melbourne a message today.

kitchen renovations Melbourne

Flesh it out with a 3D Design

kitchen renovation Melbourne

Once you have a layout on paper, creating a more detailed vision of your plan with a 3D drawing or computer image is the next step. A 3D design will clearly designate the activity centers and zones for eating, socialising, and cooking within your kitchen space. Any other areas that reflect your life, such as areas for study or work, are also included in the 3D design of your kitchen.

These designs will give you a great, visual feel as to how the space will work.

Finding the materials and finishes to use

Once you have made sure the space works, it is time to establish colours, textures, styles and finishes. You are now able to finalise the aesthetics of your kitchen, and choose all of the shiny new products that everyone enjoys shopping for.

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