Kitchen Remodeling

Material Selection and Kitchen Remodelling: Our Top 3 Recommendations

Now that businesses and venues have started to reopen, Melbourne homeowners have also been able to enjoy having guests over for Christmas, the New Year, and hopefully, beyond that. This means two things in our business of kitchen and bathroom remodelling. That plenty of our clients would be eager to host guests and show off their lovely homes, and that lots more of them will be keen to contact us about remodelling projects.

No matter what the latest remodelling trend, or where you may have sourced your inspiration from, it always helps to consult with professional interior designers. Being in our business for as long as we have, our team at Damco Kitchens can provide a wealth of knowledge to help you select appropriate, cost-effective, and lasting materials for your remodelling project. We are always happy to discuss the options you may already have in mind, and even make alternative recommendations depending on the nature of your remodelling idea.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Kitchen Bench

It’s the benchtop that ties the rest of your kitchen together, as the central place where most activities in your kitchen are conducted. That being said, it is a given that you would want a benchtop that’s made to last. However, this is an easily achievable quality when it comes to finding the right building material. How then should you go about choosing the right material for your kitchen benchtop? When you work with Damco Kitchens, our remodelers and interior designers are more than happy to guide you through the material selection process.

We always consider five kinds of materials when it comes to helping our clients with their kitchen benchtop projects. These are:

– Engineered Stone
– Granite,
– Laminate,
– Timber, and
– Stainless Steel.

Natural materials such as Engineered Stone, Granite, and Timber are staples that provide excellent durability. These also confer a variety of additional features such as heat resistance and added textures if aesthetics is among your top considerations for your kitchen remodelling. However, Laminate kitchen benchtops provide unbeatable value for money, and our interior designers are more than happy to provide the right advice depending on your remodelling needs. Lastly, stainless steel kitchen benchtops have seen gaining popularity within modern-styled kitchens, and our team is more than happy to help you create this for your very own kitchen.

Working with Contractors to Get the Right Tiles for Your Kitchen Floor

Similarly, material selection factors are just as important when it comes to another feature area of your kitchen. We have helped plenty of our clients with re-flooring projects that take into consideration a need for material durability and aesthetics. Two priority factors that we help our clients to consider are a need for durability in a high-traffic area of the home, and a similar need for aesthetic presentation, especially when it comes to keeping to an interior design theme. Regardless of your requirements, our interior designers are always glad to take you through a consultation.

Full-Consideration on Your Kitchen Remodelling with Damco Kitchens

Damco Kitchens helps clients across Melbourne build their dream kitchens and bathrooms/ Beyond just installation and building, our team of experts are always proud to consult our clients on a variety of considerations. Be it for material selection or interior design, you will always be able to trust our expert recommendation. Just call our team for an obligation-free quote today on (03) 9855 2310.