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Island Benches: Perfect for Any Kitchen

If you’re at the stage to consider the details of your next kitchen remodelling project, you would surely have thought about including an island bench as part of your new kitchen layout. These additions to the kitchen space originally saw popularity among homeowners who sought a way to maximise the functionality within their kitchen spaces. Understandably, an island bench within a kitchen offers two main benefits:

– As a divider within your kitchen space,
– And as an additional work area to facilitate food preparation.

Seamless transition is a primary focus when it comes to planning for any remodelling project that involves an island bench. Interestingly, a user-experience focus is what factors in the most, as your new island bench should enhance and encourage operability within your kitchen, and not hinder it by proving out-of-place. On top of deciding where your new island bench should be located, it helps to consider how the rest of your kitchen bench areas around the bench would be purposed. Regardless, getting help from our expert interior specialists will mean that you have the best of our industry at play when it comes to planning for your next island bench installation.

A Clever Use of Space and Budget, No Matter Your Preference for a Kitchen

Island benches can be cleverly used to separate areas within your kitchen space. They are typically installed without being attached to a wall or existing bench, so they provide the function of being a divider. Keeping your kitchen areas separate this way can be useful, especially if you are among homeowners who anticipate wanting to host guests on occasions. Depending on the areas of your home outside of your kitchen, island benches can be cleverly installed to enhance the flow of your kitchen, especially if it is the type that opens out into a living or dining area.

Multi-Functionality, Whether for Working or Hosting

At Damco Kitchens, we love to complement our clients by appreciating their love for cooking. After all, you probably wouldn’t be as invested in remodelling your kitchen if not for a love of culinary flair! The good news is, when you consult with us on the feasibility of getting a new island bench installed, we definitely take into consideration how your remodelled kitchen space can streamline the food preparation, as well as to allow for hosting guests. Trust that our consultation will also go beyond just space planning, to factor in additional extras that could make your brand-new kitchen the talk of your neighbourhood for time to come.

Damco Kitchens Can Help with More than Just a New Island Bench

Consult with our team of interior experts if you’ve thought of committing to a kitchen remodelling project this year. Island benches are among our specialty, and we can always throw out a useful recommendation, based on a close understanding of your remodelling needs. Remember to call our team on 03 9855 2310 for an obligation-free consultation, so we can help make your next remodelling project a fuss-free process.