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Is Kitchen the most important room in your house?

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This article is for person who doesn’t agree with the statement “Kitchens are most important part of house”.

Where do you hangout most when you are at home? If your reply is “Kitchen” then you are part of growing trend. Today if you notice new houses are mostly kitchen Centric, the size of kitchen is growing, and are getting more beautiful then ever. Its just not because kitchen remodeling increase value to your property but there are many reasons to it.

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Cooking is now done mostly in home for health reason, for fun, and most importantly as a hobby.


Kitchen is now used as hangout place with your friends, and most of the celebrations are done in kitchen now.

Common Place:

This is the room which is most used. Bedrooms are generally not accessible by others due to privacy, but kitchens can be accessed by everyone and used almost daily.


Kitchens and dinning are now integral as we can chat during cooking. In some cases kitchen and dinning is the only time where the family is all in the one place. Kitchen is now used to connect with your children.


If you look back on your memories of childhood, they mostly take place in the kitchen. Whether it be waiting for someone, mother looking out the kitchen window, sitting at the kitchen table and watching Grandma cooking, meeting around the dinner table or just plain old crying.


Kitchen is where mom rules who is heart and soul of a family. Which makes kitchen so important.

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So the question is: Is the Kitchen the Most Important Room in the House? Yes…. Kitchens are for food, family, celebration, Children, memories, and heart.