Bathroom Remodelling Design

Spacious Inspiration to Guide You through Your Next Bathroom Remodelling Project

Bathroom remodelling projects are something no proud homeowner ever looks over. And why should they? Apart from the kitchen, it’s your bathroom space that will see some of the highest foot traffic of all. The bathroom sees plenty of regular use, so material selection for various areas of your bathroom will factor in highly to minimise wear and tear in the long-term. This includes areas such as your tiling, ventilation, and amenities such as your sink, toilet, and shower. Placement is always a priority we consider, especially if you are like most other homeowners and want to maximise the amount of available space in your bathroom.

Our best recommendation is to work with our interior designers and remodelers. With our years in this business and expertise with material selection, we would be your best bet to ensure your remodelling idea goes off without a hitch. Oftentimes, our clients call on us for help with the installation or upgrading of features within their bathroom. These can range from sinks to even just getting tiles fitted for a new splashback or shower area. However, our team always keeps a keen eye for creating extra space for our clients’ bathroom spaces, and will surely make these recommendations whenever possible.

Create A Warm and Inviting Bathroom Layout for Your Home

The reason why spacious bathrooms are so sought after is to do with how they provide a warm and inviting appeal. This is a popular consideration especially for bathrooms that may see use by guests and visitors to your property. Don’t forget that these visits to the bathroom could just as well create a lasting impression on your home or premises, as any other walk through your other living spaces. As our interior design team are experts in making such considerations, we are always prepared to help you create spacious layouts within your bathroom.

Clever Remodelling Solutions Often Involve Creating Spaciousness

Smart design concepts are always a hot talking point among interior designers. To our team at Damco Kitchens, there are few things that are smarter than intelligent design that helps homeowners to make full use of every available space. When it comes to remodelling a bathroom, we are always big fans of helping our clients explore the possibility of hiding away fittings like:

– a cistern,
– U-trap of a toilet, and
– other piping or power sockets within accessible bathroom wall panels.

Imagine all the unsightly bulk you’ll be able to hide by only leaving the toilet pan visible within your bathroom! Space-saving concepts are a big hit for a very functional reason,

Another space-saving opportunity that is popularly considered by many homeowners, is the shower-over-bath concept, which minimises any area within the bathroom that separates the bath and shower. Why have these take up two separate spaces, when you can make room for more area by combining them into one? Incorporating these areas is often a good idea to consider, especially for bathrooms that don’t already have a lot of space, to begin with. Apart from the shower and bath, you could also consider incorporating cabinets into the wall, to maximise storage options and create more floor space.

Full-Consideration on Your Kitchen Remodelling with Damco Kitchens

Damco Kitchens takes pride in helping homeowners all over Melbourne to create their dream living spaces. We specialise in remodelling kitchens and bathrooms, so why not consult with us to see which of your great renovation ideas we can help bring to life? Whether you require our support with material selection or interior design, we are always glad to provide an obligation-free, professional consultation. Call through to our team today on (03) 9855 2310.