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The Importance of Space in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms have been a key focal point for renovators across Victoria in the last few years. Real estate markets will show that the value of a property can significantly increase with the addition of a modern, cleanly designed bathroom.

Recently, however, there has been a requirement for bathrooms to be uncluttered and spacious, both due to visual trends and easy accessibility. For properties where existing bathroom space is already quite small, this can be difficult to obtain.

With bathrooms quickly becoming the feature area of the household, and the necessity of space rising alongside this need, it’s now more important than ever to aim for an uncluttered bath area. We’ve come up with a few pointers to assist those with especially small bathroom areas looking for a beautiful bathroom renovation. These tips will not only free up space in your bathroom area, but will also revitalise the look of your bathroom.

Incorporating the Cistern into the Wall Space

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Many new bathroom renovations are now utilising existing wall space to effectively hide the cistern and U-trap. With only the toilet pan visible, your bathroom will not only be more open, but your toilet area will have a sharpish look, without tubes or the cistern connected.

Shower Arrangements

In one of our most recent articles, we spoke about the shower-over-bath arrangement, and how it can minimise the space that a separate bath and shower takes up. By doing this, you can also add another dimension to your bathroom, as these layouts can also easily accommodate relaxing spa systems and waterjets.

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Unclutter your Space

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Similar to placing cisterns into the physical wall space, newly renovated bathrooms are making good use of the existing wall space. Incorporating important components of the bathroom – such as a shower, or shaving and medicine cabinets – into the walls, is not only a great idea to maximise storage, but also declutter the open air and floor space, making your bathroom seem larger.

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