Ideas and tips on choosing the right stone for your kitchen benchtop

We have been seeing a heightened desire for high quality stone finishes recently in the work that we have been commissioned to do. Stonetops are quite beautiful to behold when they are treated well, and, as we mentioned in one of our more recent articles, are also much more tougher than what they used to be.

Stone benchtops come in a wide variety of different shades and finishes, ranging from the more traditional options, to some really out there style. There are also some great faux styles that seek to mimic the look and feel of both granite and marble, albeit with less resistance to chipping or cracking.

In this article, we’re going to be going through a few key points that will make sure that lovers of fine stone will be able to pick the right style and finish for their kitchen renovation. Throughout all of these tips, it’s important to keep in mind that the stone feature is, in most cases, the centrepiece of your entire kitchen.

The colour of stone

Stone benchtops now come in a wide variety of different shades and colours, meaning that there’s a stone sample that will suit any type of kitchen design. This overwhelming amount of choice, though, can make the decision hard. Think about the proposal plans for your kitchen renovation, and where the stone finish will sit in this. Do you want it to blend in, or contrast against the kitchen itself? Filtering through your decision making will narrow your choice and make it easier for you.

Type of stone

As with colours and shades, there are just as many options for the overall look of the stone. From samples that seek to emulate marble veins, or slick granite finishes, again the choice is yours to make. If your kitchen renovation is of the more modern variety, you may want to look for a simple stone type without any veins. The simplicity of the contemporary design could be lost if the stone benchtop is visually busy, likewise a clean look of stone can almost be lost in the more aesthetically pleasing traditional versions of kitchen design.

The finish of the stone

The finish of stone benchtops is one aspect of kitchen design that has garnered quite a lot of attention in recent years. Designers have sought to offer much more than just a matte or gloss finish, and as a result, there are many variants of each. These finishes ultimately add to the atmosphere and first impression of the kitchen space, so think about whether you want to make a statement straight away, or if you prefer to keep the aesthetics modest. A gloss finish and a matte finish will do well for both, respectively.