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How we’re dealing with The Latest Winter Lockdowns in Melbourne

Living in the current times, lockdowns seem to be a regular occurrence if you’re living in Victoria! They are tough to deal with, and have plenty of us sitting home throughout most of winter. If you’ve been hard pressed to plan your new routine for these latest lockdowns in Victoria, it might be a great time to pick up a new interest, or plan your next project. Speaking of projects around the home, our team at Damco Kitchens have also had to make a bit of an adjustment to how we’ll be running our show throughout the lockdown period.

Our Showrooms Are Now Closed to Visitors

For starters, we’ll be working in line with DHHS guidelines with regards to temporarily closing our Kew and Clayton showrooms during this time. While we’ve always had the pleasure of greeting and showing our walk-in visitors around at our showrooms, it’s certainly best not to risk any possible exposure that might come from any fleeting viral transmission event. However, our staff is more than happy to have a chat on the phone or via our website chat if you’d like to know more about how we can help you with a Free Design consultation once we are open again.

Scheduled Projects to Continue, But No Starting New Projects During Lockdown

There’s no need to worry if you’ve already engaged us for a bathroom or kitchen renovation, prior to the lockdowns. We’ll be continuing with our already scheduled projects with COVID-Safe protocols in place. However, the latest lockdowns do mean that we won’t be able to start any on site work for new projects. This allows us to ensure that there’ll be no needless possible exposure as we continue servicing our pre-existing engagements.

However, these lockdowns do present the opportunity for us to provide planning and consultation for any kitchen renovations or bathroom renovations you need. If you’ve been dreaming of designer kitchens Melbourne homeowners adore, it might be the time for you to consult us over the phone or via video call, so we can plan your next kitchen renovation once the Melbourne lockdowns end.

Damco Kitchens is Keeping Things COVID-Safe

While the lockdowns are limiting for our business, we’re guided by public health recommendations to continue supporting our customers – whilst ensuring responsible, COVID-Safe practices to keep both our staff and clients safe. The overall idea is to minimise any possible exposure while we continue to finish any prior-planned kitchen or bathroom remodelling we’ve been engaged in Melbourne.

Since we’ve already had experience from previous lockdowns to implement and improve our COVID-Safety protocol, we will be putting those practices in place throughout this latest lockdown. All our staff have been trained and instructed in adhering to COVID-Safe practices, which will feature:

  • Social-distancing,
  • Proper-mask wearing,
  • Personal sanitation practices,
  • On-site temperature checks,
  • Frequent COVID testing of staff, and
  • Check-ins to sites and offices.

The Show Must Go On, and Damco Kitchens is Always Prepared to Support Your Remodelling Needs

At Damco Kitchens, we believe that timing is everything when it comes to supporting a successful kitchen or bathroom remodelling project in Melbourne. Though it might not be the best time to begin trades work on new remodelling jobs, our team is always ready to provide the best possible consultation and planning for any upcoming renovations you’re keeping in mind.

We thank you for all your support during the pandemic, and hope to continue delivering the same professional standards of service that we’re known for – if not even better, despite these lockdowns. Until restrictions ease, we wish our customers, staff and the larger community we work within a safe passage through these winter lockdowns. Take care and remember to call us on 03 9855 2310 if you’d like to discuss a future bathroom or kitchen remodelling project! We hope to see you in our showrooms when it is safe to do so!