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How to Refresh Your Cooking Space – Brand-New Kitchen Renovation Ideas!

Creativity and imagination knows no bounds and the kitchen is no exception. There are numerous ways to customise and detail your kitchen to add that extra touch and a whole lot of personality to your space. Starting from what’s in trend to what’s functional for your kitchen, here at DAMCO, we have all the inspiration you need while rebuilding the heart of your home with comfort and confidence.

  1. Benches and Banquette Seating – With the emerging trend in built-in benches to booths and banquettes, a kitchen is becoming a common place for chilling and relaxing. With banquette style seating, you can make fantastic use of the space and offer a comfortable place to rejuvenate and get some much-needed headspace from the busy world we live in.
  2. Bespoke Storage – Cupboards with ceiling height and tall units offering additional storage are going to be a big trend. Concealed and multifunctional storage will be an essential feature for both small and large kitchens and will enhance the appeal of your interior.
  3. Single Slab Backsplashes – Splashbacks are no longer used just for the practical purposes. Designers now are using them to create gorgeous focal points in your kitchen. Simple yet elegant, a single slab will not only reflect your personality and look stunning but will also offer practical advantages by keeping your tiles clean.
  4. Concealed Appliances – Modern kitchens no longer have appliances sticking out everywhere. Seamlessly integrated machines and equipment that blend in with the cabinetry is the new face of luxury. For instance, induction cooktops are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens because of their sleek and modern look and that’s the new look of extravaganza.
  5. All Matte Everything – Who doesn’t love the touch of matte finishes? Luckily, we have already noticed high-end kitchens full of matte appliances and cabinetry. Matte isn’t just appealing to the eye but is also easier to maintain and certainly won’t go out of style any time soon thanks to their timeless allure.
  6. Glamorously Grand – A glamorously grand kitchen is a perfect blend of richness and sophistication where luxury meets rawness. People want cutting-edge amenities and integrated looks, but they also don’t want to go overboard with the modernisation. Exposed timbers with exclusive handles and knobs are a way to add that extra glam touch to your warm, convivial and gorgeous space.
  7. Pop Up with Colour – A lot of Melbourne residents are starting to integrate coloured cabinets in their kitchens while moving on from the old school all-white cabinetry. Personalising your space and creating an impact with cabinetry using blues, greens and greys is in excess demand. These coloured cabinets can be beautifully harmonised with hardware and fixtures in brass and other complementary metals.
  8. Raw is the New Refined – Now, it is all about going back to basics. People love using organic and natural materials that are not refined or processed for their home interiors. Think natural wood, stone, jute, etc. and allow raw materials to shine on their own.

Need to Start a New Kitchen Project?

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