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How To Improve Your Kitchen With Better Lighting

During kitchen renovations, the layout and appliances often take precedent as the must-do items on the list. However, lighting should also be a key factor in your kitchen design. With proper lighting, you’ll be able to increase the functionality, design and overall atmosphere of your space. Here are 5 different ways you can introduce smarter lighting in your kitchen:

1. Select the right centrepiece

Every kitchen has a main light. Whether it’s hanging over your kitchen island or placed in the center of the ceiling, you need to make sure you don’t overdo it. The right focal lighting should find a way of uniting the room without overpowering it. With the kitchen being such a social space, your center lighting should increase the available room, not hinder it.

2. Lighting for decoration

The idea of installing a feature wall is usually considered for living rooms and bedrooms but isn’t limited to just those areas. If you want to install a decorative focal point in your kitchen, your center lighting can make an excellent feature piece. Choose a striking shade, chandelier piece or container for a hanging light to captivate visitors in your kitchen.

3. Increase light control

When choosing your kitchen lighting, it can be hard deciding whether you want to focus on ambiance or functionality. With light dimmers, you can have both. Adding light dimmer switches can give you complete control over the use and feel of your kitchen space. Have brighter lighting to aid you through cooking tasks and then simmer it down during and after the meal for a more soothing vibe.

4. Enhance the mood

Creating an ambience is crucial, no matter what part of the home you’re redecorating. In the kitchen, a calming and welcoming atmosphere should be established because it’s a shared, communal space. Whether you’re cooking or entertaining, an open space can be easily presented through the right lighting. For a heartwarming, cosy kitchen consider warmer light, fabric shades and adding depth with accent kitchen lighting.

5. Consider all functionality

There are a lot more practical uses of kitchen lighting than you think. Apart from ceiling lighting, you can also highlight spaces under cupboards and inside drawers to streamline your experience in the kitchen. Consider installing light tracks in dark or covered areas that your main ceiling light won’t be able to reach.

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