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How To Design A Flawless Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom is a place where you get ready for the day and also the place where you relax and unwind after a long day. Therefore, it’s important to design it accurately with well-thought-out details. With that being said, one of the most important design points that’s often missed is the vanity. Vanities are a must-have in any bathroom and are the perfect place to store things. However, similar to the rest of the bathroom, there is a lot to consider with the vanity. And you need to ensure the vanity design suits the rest of the elements you’ve chosen for your bathroom.

At DAMCO we know there are plenty of decisions to make, and our experts are here to make those easier. To help you out with your design, our bathroom renovation experts have shared some tips on how to create the perfect bathroom vanity:

  • Pick a Layout

  • Before thinking about colours or finishes, you want to consider the layout of the bathroom vanity. Decide on where you want the vanity to go and how big you would like it as well. If you have a large bathroom then you might want to settle for a galley layout. This layout includes two vanity spaces that often include sinks and mirrors. If space is an issue then you can choose to have a horizontal vanity with one cabinet section. These types of vanities are efficient and take advantage of available storage and counter space.
  • Find the right Countertop

    Once you’ve decided on the layout of your vanity, it’s time to choose a countertop. For your countertop, you want to choose something that is both visually stunning and functional. You also want to ensure the material is easy to maintain, so it can look spotless without needing too much extra effort. Granite, marble, laminate, quartz and wood are some of the most popular options available. Each of these options is durable, high-quality materials that will suit a range of bathrooms and give it the designer feel. Consider what you want your overall bathroom design to be and then choose a countertop that will suit.

  • Match the Sink

    The next step in designing your vanity is matching the sink with your layout and countertop. For a seamless elegant look, choose an undermount sink. These sinks minimise the view of the basin and give the space an expensive aesthetic. If you want more freedom with patterns, shapes and colours then a vessel sink would be best. These sinks sit above your counter and offer a more clean, polished look. And lastly, if you want something simpler then the drop-in sink would be perfect. These sinks are installed inside a cut-out in your countertop and protect the edges from water.

  • End with Lighting and Accessories

    Tie your vanity design together with some beautiful lighting fixtures and accessories. You want to choose accessories and fixtures that will complete the look and enhance the overall design. Focus on your cabinet hardware, faucets and mirrors- as these details will wrap up your vanity. For lighting, consider where you would like to have them and what you would like to highlight. Popular options are LED mirror lights and wall lights, which can be added at the top, bottom or side of the mirror.

From the layout to sinks and accessories, many elements come together to create a beautiful bathroom vanity. With so many combinations of styles to choose from, we know how difficult the decision can be. That’s why our expert bathroom renovators at DAMCO are here to help! We are industry-leading bathroom renovation experts in Melbourne that can help transform your space and give the bathroom its own personality. Get in touch with our experienced team and discover how you can change your bathroom around. Call us today on (03) 9855 2310 or email us on