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How To Choose The Right Colour Palette For Your Bathroom

Functionality is the most important part of a quality bathroom renovation and design. However, it doesn’t mean you should skimp on well-thought-out colour choices. When it’s so easy to go with plain whites or creams, you end up missing out on both a practical and stylish bathroom interior.

If you’re looking for colour inspiration, here are some simple guides to help you finalise the tone and hues for your dream bathroom:

Try out the golden rule of three

The rule of three consists of a neutral, rich and accent colour. A successful combination of neutral, rich and accent colours is then divided throughout the room by a 70/20/10 proportion. 70% of the room takes on the lightest colour, 20% uses the second lightest, and the last 10% is for the boldest colour.

Play with the colour of different textures

You shouldn’t limit the bathroom palette to just the block of colours you choose for the walls or fixtures. Different materials and textures can also help enhance the colour scheme of your bathroom. For instance, the taps and other metal finishes in the space can be a way to introduce gold accents and highlights, while natural wooden textures is a great way to maintain an organic look without having to commit to hues of brown or green for the walls.

Create a balanced contrast

Contrasting elements doesn’t mean choosing bold, opposing colours just for the sake of it. The right contrasting tones and hues find a way of tying the room together. This is done by combining a light and dark hue of the same colour, or two tones of the same vibe like neutral greys and whites, pastels or earth tones.

Choose a palette that suits the rest of your home

Are you in the middle of renovating your entire home? Choosing a colour palette for your home could be as simple as matching it with the rest of your house. While every room is unique and will have variances in certain interior aspects, maintaining a uniting colour scheme will help make your home feel complete.

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