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How much Kitchen Renovations Cost in Melbourne?

It’s very hard to give a price on your kitchen without looking at it or without getting exact measurements. In general, kitchen renovation in Melbourne is costly than any other city. Kitchen renovation in Melbourne could cost somewhere between $5,000 – $60,000. In kitchen it is always “ You get what you paid for”. For exactly same material, same sizes there could be a difference in quote for more than $5000 but then there is difference in quality and workmanship as well. Almost all kitchen company in Melbourne offer moist resistant carcass material but then that does not define their Quality. Quality can be seen in the workmanship. In poor quality kitchens you can see drawer breaking from sides even with a minimal load in it and just after 1 year of kitchen renovation. Always compare “An apple with an Apple”.

As the old saying goes “A very expensive kitchen can end up looking very cheap with bad functionality if it is not installed properly.

So what can define cost of kitchen Installation? I have gathered few points to help you guide through the process before taking decision of buying your new kitchen.

Material of Cabinet and Hardware (40%):

Kitchen cabinet defines 40% of the total cost of renovation. So the first decision in this process is choosing material of your kitchen cabinet. Timber is in not doubt the most durable of all but it will increase the kitchen renovations cost as well. Metals Kitchens like stainless steel or aluminum are becoming trendy but gives more commercial look to a kitchen. The last type is laminate (synthetic material) for kitchen. This is the most commonly used material. It can be MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) for more budget sort of kitchen, Vinyl wrap which is economical alternative for painted kitchens can come in different finish and profile but is not that good with heat or water, third alternative is High pressure laminate like formica or Wilson art doors made by applying decorative on top of MDF. The only drawback with these doors are it always have visible edging on it but it is more durable and easy to clean material. The last is Low pressure laminate which has a thin layer of laminate on MDF. It is mostly used in offices.

As Material of cabinet makes 40% of the kitchen cost it is always wise to spend more on this. Instead of paying attention on quantity of cabinet pay on quality of cabinet.

Kitchen hardware includes kitchen handles, runners, hinges and internal fit outs like pull out pantry, carousel, bins etc. Most of the kitchen renovators cut their cost on this, so always make sure they don’t use cheap Chinese quality of hardware in your kitchen. Always go with hardware, which comes with 10 years of warranty on it as if your hardware gets rust or break down it will spoil whole look and functionality of your kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances (20%):

In most of the European kitchen they spend lot on their appliances. According to me even if you buy a appliance worth $10,000 or $1000 it is going to perform same functions in your kitchen. And now a days all the appliances comes with warranty on them so it completely demands on person to person with the appliances.

Kitchen Renovation Trades (20%):

Trades involved in your kitchen renovation job are Installer, Electrician, Plumber, Tiller, Plasterer, splash back guy, stone mason and some one to refurbish your old kitchen. Trades in Australia are very expensive so it adds up a lot in your kitchen renovation cost. But always make sure your renovator is using registered trades and get a compliance certificate for electric and plumbing work after your kitchen is completed. It could add up around $2,000 – $10,000.

Kitchen Service (10%):

What does service mean in kitchen renovation? In kitchen renovation service can be of utmost importance if you are buying a custom made kitchens. So you always pay for the service of kitchen renovator. Service is not just from the process of quotation or buying kitchen or until it’s installed, it is also the after sales service. Before taking the decision of buying a kitchen always check the reviews of your renovator and if possible talk to their old customers. Even if you have to pay extra for service just go for it as this kitchen is going to stay with you for next 20 – 25 years.

Kitchen Insurances (5%):

use only insured renovator, which give you a piece of mind. So even if the company breaks down you will be safe from your side. Pay extra for insurance, as kitchen is not a small product.

Kitchen Project Management (5%):

Damco Typical Kitchen Project
It is always preferable to use some one who provides complete project management to give you a stress free experience and then you just sit back and relax, and things get looked after for you. In most cases you will end up saving a lot of money by using a good project management company, instead going around to organize trades yourself.

Make sure you don’t over spend on your kitchen renovation but your kitchen is still simple, spacious and functional. Always use quality material and trades and a register builder for any kitchen or bathroom renovation that’s over $5,000. It’s the Law

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