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Decision making process of buying a kitchen

Every one of us would have budget constrains in regards to any kind of buying decision, whether it be kitchens, cars, houses etc. We all have limited resources and unfortunately are faced with important decision on where we would spend the amount of resources we have. For example – Should I renovate the kitchen first or buy a car? Should we renovate or buy a new house? And so forth.
As a kitchen design consultant at Damco Kitchens, I get to deal with this every day, and have the opportunity to assist people in making good decisions. As a rule of thumb “Never sacrifice quality to make the kitchen fit your budget”. A lot of times I advise people to rather wait until they have saved enough to get a good quality kitchen and to go with company they feel comfortable with instead of someone who is just doing some sort of kitchen, and all they know is that it is going to be with in their budget.
Price in kitchens can be very tricky and it is quite easy to get trapped. For example – we have created a sample kitchen below and have priced that with various different combination of specs. We were amazed with the results. An exact same kitchen, with exactly the same sizes had the price range starting from $8000 for White texture melamine doors & Standard Laminate Bench top to $28,000 for white gloss 2 Pac finish for doors & Calcutta quartz for the bench top.

As the old saying goes.

“If someone charging you too little, then they have to be cutting corners.

If someone is charging you too much, then you are probably getting ripped off.

It’s best to go with someone in the middle.”

Quote Comparison – Apples with apples

Kitchens is more of an intangible product then a tangible product. A Significant amount of what you pay is actually for service, Labour & After sales support, and only an approx. of 30% is charged for something physical, for instance – doors, bench top etc.
It is quite easy to compare tangible product just by comparing the specs, however comparing the intangible is quite tricky. If a company is charging you a little bit more, then it’s probably due the extra cost they will be incurring to give you a good experience.
Always consider things like

– Insurances (Specifically Builders Warranty Insurance)
– Project Management System (Damco Kitchens uses K360 Project Management, exclusively built for Damco Kitchens on the Cloud Platform
– Warranty (Damco Kitchens adopted K2 Cover, Premium Warranty Cover backed up by an insurance Company)
– Communication with their old clients, Reading Testimonials & Reviews
– Quality of Labour and manufacturing facility.

So forth

We at Damco Kitchens have evolved to be a customer centric company, and have ensured a very pleasant experience by using sophisticated systems

How Is Damco Kitchens Priced?

We always say that we are not the cheapest and we don’t intend to be cheapest either. We constantly thrive to give you the best value, which may not necessarily be the cheapest in dollar amount.

Our Promise – “Best Value for every dollar that you spend with us”

Please contact Damco Kitchens at (03) 9544 0210 for any further assistance with your kitchen renovations in Melbourne.