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The Great Qualities of Natural Timber Cabinets

Damco Kitchens are the experts when it comes to producing fine kitchen cabinets in Melbourne, and our team have seen a lot of cabinet trends come and go over the years. One trend that caught our eye last year and has remained popular ever since, however, is the use of naturally coloured timber cabinets.

Households across Victoria are choosing wooden cabinets for their distinctive and easily presentable visual qualities. The organic grain qualities of timber and the texture of the wood itself, create a naturally occurring, pleasing aesthetic. On top of this, natural timber cabinets are also much easier to maintain than their painted counterparts.

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Natural timber cabinets provide an essential warmth to an area of the home that can sometimes appear to be lacking in atmosphere. Oak or pine made cabinets are being used more and more to cancel out the cold feel that stainless steel kitchen appliances have. In turn, this offers a great contrasting quality that will keep the kitchen distinctive.

The overall appearance of natural timber can also be customised in numerous ways to keep the area lively and attractive. Treatments, such as rough sawn oak or varnished pine, have increased in popularity, due to the great visual qualities they offer.

The subdued timber colour and texture of rough sawn wood, can provide your kitchen with a great rustic appeal. Rough sawn timbers are also very attractive, as they emphasise the organic grain of the wood, and are also highly durable under almost all conditions. This is an important quality in an area that will experience frequent temperature fluctuations, as well as the inevitable spilling of substances whilst cooking.

Timber cabinets don’t have to fit into an older theme either, many homes are using timber cabinets as a great accessory for their more contemporary kitchen themes. Polished, natural timber can effortlessly complement modern kitchens through their sleek appearance, whilst still providing the warmth that organic wood possesses.

The use of a dark timber, such as pine, can also help you create your ideal, modern kitchen. Dark timber cabinets can help draw attention to specific areas of the kitchen, such as an espresso machine or an oven. They are also very sleek in appearance, with their deep and absorbing colours suiting contemporary styles.

Damco Kitchens can provide you with great ideas and designs for your new wooden cabinets. View our impressive catalogue here and see why we are the finest cabinet makers in Melbourne. We can also consult with you about your wooden cabinets, so that you can start conceptualising your ideal kitchen setting. We also manufacture cabinets in many other materials and styles, as well as bench tops.

Call us on (03) 9544 0210 today, and let us help you create the perfect cabinet setting for your kitchen. Like any of the above ideas, or have you seen some other great concepts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Varnished timbers, on the other hand, can provide your kitchen with a distinguished, classy appearance. Varnished cabinets typically incorporate glass-came windows arranged into various patterns, that allow you to present your glassware or dishware in an elegant setting. By using stained glass, you can also perfectly capture this more traditional appearance in your modern kitchen.

Varnished cabinets can be fashioned into wall-hung settings, or be used as a more traditional buffet & hutch unit. This is a great way to not only provide distinctive and attractive cabinets, but also to create a stage for the serving of food or drinks. This more traditional concept has been revitalised in recent years, and is particularly popular with households looking to contrast the interiors of different rooms against one another.