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Flooring that will Make your Kitchen Shine

An often overlooked aspect of new kitchen renovations during their conceptualisation process, is probably the most important of all – the floor. Many people spend a lot of money on their beautiful kitchen renovations, focusing on brilliant looking cabinets and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, but neglect to consider the impact that their floor will have on the completed renovation itself. Apart from being able to tie in the overall look of the kitchen itself, a carefully chosen surface can also enhance the ease and efficiency of the cooking process.

With many dedicated kitchen floor surfaces available on the market today, that decision isn’t exactly an easy prospect, which is why – below – we have listed three of the more common types of kitchen flooring in the present day. Illustrating the differing positives of the three surfaces, we hope it will provide you with a much better idea on what flooring option will best suit your new kitchen.

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Travertine Tiles

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Travertine is commonly found in the hospitality sector, where it aids in prohibiting the possibility of slipping over spilt liquids and is a great resistance against shoe scuff marks. Recently, travertine has been readily customised for home interiors and is now available as a tile, mimicking the appearance of many other common tile materials and colours. Travertine is also useful for homes with younger families, as it provides a safer alternative to more conventional types of flooring.

Engineered Hardwood

Great leaps in the advancement of technological innovation, has produced hardwood flooring that shrinks and expands less than conventional wood. This is specifically great for areas such as a kitchen, where spilt liquids are a frequent occurrence. This engineered wood can also complement the look and feel of kitchens, which utilise a large amount of other timber materials – such as oak cabinets – and can also provide older period homes with a valuable rustic aesthetic.

Vinyl Checkerboard

Remember the old checkerboard pattern that was once a staple in bathrooms and kitchens right across the country? Well it’s back in a big way, and together with the use of a vinyl surface, checkerboard surfaces can now provide you with an instantly distinctive and safe flooring arrangement. Vinyl is easy to maintain, easy to clean, and is extremely safe as a kitchen surface, making it ideal for younger families. The pattern suits more contemporary kitchen designs, and can also provide a point of difference for kitchens utilising a lot of wood.

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