Do’s And Don’ts Of Kitchen Layout Planning

Home is where the food is. At the heart of every household is the kitchen. Therefore, getting the layout of your cooking space is essential. Whether you’re in the middle of building a new house or renovating your current home in Melbourne, designing your ideal kitchen is a crucial task.

With so many factors in kitchen renovations, hiring a professional designer for kitchens in Melbourne can take the stress out of building your ideal home. Here are some do’s and don’ts you should consider when planning out the layout of your kitchen with your interior designer:

Do plan everything down to the tiny details

Creating the ultimate kitchen layout is more than just knowing where you’re putting your appliances, and where the storage space is. Once you tick off the big items in your layout plan, you should plan exactly where your pots and pans will go, utensil drawer placement and even where you want to put the knife block and the crockery. Understanding where everything goes in your kitchen will help save you time constantly reorganising a poorly set up cooking space after your renovation.

Don’t obstruct the kitchen triangle

The kitchen triangle relates to the golden rule of layout planning, which maximises the efficiency of the space. The three points of the triangle are the cooking (oven), preparation (sink), and food storage (fridge). An efficient cooking space ensures that all three points are easily accessible for easier and faster food prep.

Do separate work from play

The kitchen is more than just a workstation; it’s also a social hub. However, if you don’t plan it out correctly, your cooking areas can get mixed in with places to mingle and your kitchen can all of a sudden feel claustrophobic. From a dedicated kitchen island, to simply having more floor space, having a dedicated social area apart from the cooking section will help your kitchen feel more welcoming.

Don’t forget about sight lines

A sight line is an integral part of interior design. Whether it’s for a bedroom, bathroom or study, the sight line refers to what a person can see wherever they stand in a specific area of a room. A common problem with kitchen layouts is trying to fit in too many elements in the space and making it feel too closed off and unsettling. An easy way to make a kitchen feel more spacious and open is by making sure there’s nothing hindering the line of sight across the entire kitchen space. No matter where you are the room you should be able to see all the access points like the fridge door, oven and entrance.

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