Designing Kitchens

Designing Your Kitchen for Maximum Comfort

You should never underestimate the effect that a comfortable kitchen has on a household. Believe us when we say that a well-designed kitchen has a lot more to offer than just an effective space for meal preparation. Kitchens also tend to become areas where people are hosted and entertained. Considering that everyone in your household will at one point or another spend their own time in the kitchen, shouldn’t it make sense for your kitchen to be among the top priorities in your home? Among our interior design principles, we like to encourage our clients to consider that a comfortable kitchen can offer:

– Ease of storage,
– Ease of maintenance and cleaning, as well as,
– Reduced material wear and tear due to efficient workflows.

At Damco Kitchens, our interior designers are always fond of encouraging our clients to consider comfort above all else, when it comes to remodelling their kitchen. Our consultative process always takes a complete understanding of our clients’ preferences and lifestyles into account. This lets us meet the mark while carrying out the renovation of their kitchens. There are a number of common considerations we always apply when we remodel a kitchen. See how they resonate with you, and we hope they inspire you to engage us in your next kitchen renovation project!

Comfort is a Term that’s Synonymous with Ergonomic Design

We love helping our customers design their kitchens based on our understanding of who will use them. This keeps in mind a term that’s popularly used in interior design: Ergonomics. Before you start thinking about comfortable office chairs, consider how the term is applied to the use of your kitchen. What this ergonomic design principle considers is unnecessary strain and reaching when it comes to components of your kitchen, such as storage space. All the less reaching, stooping and bending you have to do to access your kitchen, the more pleasant and comfortable an experience it provides.

Put a Priority on Light-filled Spaces

When it comes to creating light-filled spaces, we always start with how the elements affect your home. Where does the sun rise where you are, and how does this influence the experience within your kitchen? Depending on the natural factors, we are always able to recommend task or mood lighting to complement the parts of your kitchen that may otherwise not receive an adequate amount of natural sunlight. Overall, we strive to help our customers achieve exactly the experience they want out of their renovated kitchen spaces!

Don’t Leave the Layout to Last!

You can never plan enough when it comes to remodelling your kitchen. Thankfully, working with our professional interior design team will leave some of that planning to us! Know that we take meticulous consideration of a variety of factors, including any preferences you may have for left or right-handed workspaces. Planning out the work areas of your kitchen according to your preferences allows for a smooth overall flow within the kitchen as an entire space. Beyond ensuring comfort, this also helps to create satisfying storage and function with your renovated kitchen space!

Damco Kitchens is Ready to Help You Create Your Dream Kitchen Space

With plenty of years’ experience between our interior design team, we are always glad to help our customers turn their dream kitchen into a reality. If you need support with a kitchen remodelling idea or would like to leave it to a professional that can provide an end-to-end service, look no further than to Damco Kitchens! Just call our team today for a consultation on (03) 9855 2310 to know more.