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Consider These 4 Things Before Finalising Your Kitchen Island

A kitchen can be one of the most complicated spaces to design in a house and designing a kitchen island can be even more confusing for homeowners. The internet is full of users asking for help on how to decide on the kitchen island size and much more.

While there is no fixed rule to figure out the size of your island, some measurement considerations can help. DAMCO’s kitchen designers are here to offer you good advice for planning a kitchen island design. You can begin by asking yourself these four basic questions.

  • What’s the Main Purpose of Your Kitchen Island?
    Even before you start considering storage ideas or the type of island you want, decide what your island’s main purpose is going to be. Mostly, kitchen islands have one area dedicated to cooking and other one dedicated to eating, but what is your requirement? Is it cooking, cleaning, eating, prep work or will you use it entirely for all purposes, including house projects and homework?If you want sinks and appliances in your island, you will need more space. Otherwise, if you just need an island for casual meals, focus on proper seating.
  • What Equipment Do You Need in your Kitchen Island?
    If you have chosen to incorporate appliances in your kitchen island, you will need to prioritise both purpose and layout. For example, if the main sink is going to be on the island, you also need to have a dishwasher. Furthermore, you need to decide if the dishwasher is going to be placed to the right or the left of your sink.Keep a record of everything you want in your kitchen island. You may not be able to fulfil all your needs, but you can at least try and get your top 5 priorities ticked.
  • How Much Storage Do You Need in your Kitchen Island?
    Storage requirements depend a lot on your kitchen layout. If you have a lot of space in your kitchen for the cabinetry, storage in kitchen islands wouldn’t be a priority. But, if this is your main prep area, sink and appliances have to come first. You should also make space for utensils and cutting boards near the sink.Generally, a 3-foot-wide island tends to look the best, but a width of 2 feet is sometimes the best fit. In regards to the length of the island, you can have a length as short as that of 4 feet, but we recommend you to plan for at least 7 feet if you want to accommodate a sink, dishwasher and a cooktop.
  • How Will Your Island Fit in the Kitchen Layout?
    Kitchens are anything but constant. This engaged and active space needs every part to be connectedly designed. Make sure that the working part of the kitchen works well with the opposite counter. Will it blend in well with the remaining part of your kitchen? Will it complete the triangle of the sink, refrigerator and range or do you need another working area with a prep sink? Think, analyse and go for your kitchen island design.

Bring in a Kitchen Renovation Specialist!
Islands are the centre-spot of your kitchen and kitchens are the heart of the home. It is where you gather to eat or work and therefore, a lot of thought should go into creating it in the best way possible. A professional with a good sense of proportion, careful planning and experience, can easily figure it all out and eliminate all your stress.
At DAMCO Kitchens, our team of kitchen design specialists will take every factor into consideration including the space, size and layout of your kitchen and customise an island that complements your layout. Give us a call on (03) 9544 0210 or send us an email on to discuss all your kitchen renovation needs.